Direct Deposit Drama

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Hey all. So, I'm a new hire this year for Halloweekends. I filled out all the paperwork for direct deposit when I was first hired. I just completed the second week of Haunt, and have yet to get a direct deposit in the bank. Each time I get paid I have to deal with HR for a pay card and whatnot. Nobody knows why my stuff isn't working. I recently got a new bank, and am trying to switch over my direct deposit (other bank still open to be sure I got my haunt check, which I didnt...), but I can't figure out how to switch it online, and HR is giving their usually attitude-filled run-around about it. Apparently there are several girls with my name working Haunt and they hsve everything mixed up. Does anyone know what I can do?

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Go to Live E located in Haunt Central. My friend had the same problem and had to pick up her paycheck there. They usually use a physical paycheck for the first pay and then direct deposit after that (if you chose direct deposit).

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Hi Ashley. As Kyle said, your first paycheck is a paper check which well be in the Live E office. You can manage your direct deposit online using the self service portal at which might be easier than playing phone tag with HR.

Feel free to message me if you have more questions.

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