Dinosaurs Alive

First trip to CP in 15 years and I now have 2 kids (girls 9 and 11). Should we check out the Dinosaurs area? Is it impressive? Also, any good shows we should check out? Is there some kind of laser light show? Thanks

I actually really like the Dinosaur area... We paid for it last year but now it is free for platinum pass holders. Depending on how old your kids are, they will enjoy it. It also offers really nice views of Millennium Force and such.

At night, they have Luminosity... it is a song/dance show on the big stage by Iron Dragon. Good show. There is a DJ afterward playing music for a half hour or so afterward.

Snoopy on ice is generally very good and there are plenty of other shows. Make sure to stop by the petting zoo as well!


I always enjoy the shows in the Jack Aldrich theater near the main gates.

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The All Wheels Extreme is always a good show. Really impressive bike and skate flips.
The Snoopy ice show is also pretty good.

I have to say all the shows are pretty good and give you a nice break and chance to cool off.

Last summer the only show I was let down by was the Broadway show in the theater by the front gate.

My kids are young (6 and 3) and are usually too tired to sit through luminosity but I'd recommend that show, too.

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