Detective Work for 2022 ( Get your $$ ready!!)

Please re-read all of my bold type posts 1-10. Please also closely re-examine the WT closing video, the link to the possible new ride video shown above - "the new BIG sibling" (including its specs, shape, etc.) and let me know your thoughts/ do you think my prediction is a possibility? Also, on a side note, get your $$ ready for Winter Chill out Tickets (as my title of this thread states) to support a good cause: A KID AGAIN. Good night everyone, have a safe & happy New Year, see you later down the road.....

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I think that is plausible. Looks pretty cool. And definitely would fit in the available space pretty easily. Ive kinda wondered all along about a similar scenario... time will tell...

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Ride On!

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While out and about last night, my family and I ended up at Culver's on Milan Road just before closing and I am about 97% sure that Tony Clark was sitting in the booth right behind us. He had his back to the adjacent seats right next to my wife and daughter so they were facing the wrong direction to be able to see. I tried to tell my daughter very discreetly and she couldn't hear me, so my wife told her a little bit louder and Tony (assuming it WAS him) probably thought we were stalking him or something because he turned around toward our direction upon hearing his name.

If I had less manners I might have just come right out and asked him about the Detective Work thread theories on PointBuzz, but I didn't want to disturb his meal or assume that he actually enjoys being interrupted by complete strangers while trying to eat... Not quite 20 years ago, I was at a local fundraiser that had Dick and Judy Kinzel in attendance. Being a public fundraiser event and not just someone out with a friend getting dinner - it was a little more socially acceptable for mingling and conversation. So I commented to Dick Kinzel that I was really interested in learning what was going on behind the "big construction wall" (which would later be disclosed as TTD). I knew full well that he wasn't going to spill the beans to a random yahoo and I didn't expect any real response except for maybe, "Yeah, you and about a million other people." He replied with a slight smirk that it was going to be the world's tallest rotating restaurant. I'm pretty sure that was one of the rumor/jokes floating around in this web site at the time!

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And the Golden Ticket award for "Most Boring Thread" goes to...

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How many times has OP violated the "no double posting" policy to literally say nothing?

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So are you implying that the park will be installing a taller version of Pipe Scream with a splash down? While the ride itself looks pretty cool, I highly doubt this is in the cards. Maybe I'm wrong, and I'll own it if I am, but I just don't see it.

I read it as they are bringing back Vertigo with B&M standup seating inside of a Shoot the Rapids boat

Enclosed in a replica of the Disaster Transport building.

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Todays episode of Inspector Gadget has bent brought to you by Advil PM, when you need to get rid of a persisting headache and would rather to go to bed.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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After CPfan1976 final post...The new Frontier restaurant secret is out...They will serve Liver, Fava Beans and Chianti!

But honestly It was a nice read/watch during a seemingly already Long Off-Season. Kudos to you CPfan1976!

Ahhhhh C.P. My Happy Place!

Appreciate the kind words. It's only my prediction of what ride might be coming next year at the Point. My other prediction? The Point will most likely raise daily ticket prices to $84-$85 a person to cover for possibly this and that new shiny Frontiertown restaurant that they're building. Time will tell.....

Come on man, what are you doing now? The price increase was announced yesterday well before you posted this, yet you are going to act like you predicted a raise to 85 dollars, which is exactly what they did? Or was this like a sarcastic joke prediction?

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I'd love to see the gate price go higher than the price of a gold pass, just to fully embrace the absurdity of it all.

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I thought when he got to the recycling rides part, the new 'family' ride would be an upgraded Sir Rub-a-Dub's Tubs.

I don't hate that idea

CPfan1976 said:

Appreciate the kind words. It's only my prediction of what ride might be coming next year at the Point. My other prediction? The Point will most likely raise daily ticket prices to $84-$85 a person to cover for possibly this and that new shiny Frontiertown restaurant that they're building. Time will tell.....

The number of people that pay gate price are literally irrelevant & negligible to Cedar Point. Unless you're a moron you buy off the website & the day ticket is like $50 worse case scenario & they have it below $50 almost all the time, even during prime season. Full gate price sales pay for literally nothing, not the restaurant or anything else b/c almost nobody pays that price, when I mean nobody I mean 1% or less. The ticket booths are a ghost town for a reason, people pre buy online or the app.

What Cedar Fair does do wisely is that increase prices from the initial mid August to Labor Day best sale price for passes. The price increases which they have done now 3 times since drives urgency in future years. The difference between a gold pass initially to now is $35, Platinum is $32. There were 2 other incremental increases,. The increases will make people will be more likely to buy early, especially with the payment plan options. Six Flags in comparison you can wait till now & there is no difference. This year with SF waiting was actually the best thing b/c they came out with the pass levels(lump payment) the same as memberships levels, not till mid December at all parks. Cedar Fair was touting the 2022 pass sales in the Q3 report, they are training people to buy early before the bigger price increases come in November & January.

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