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I’d rather spend what little time we have left on this weird thread and go back to that knotts coaster thread posted above. Because even if fake it’s still more thrilling than whatever is happening right now.

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That coaster looks impressive. I'd be curious to see the validity of the blueprints.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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It makes sense to me that they would go big at Knotts. Year round, increasing attendance. They need a high throughput attraction AND can build it in such a way that they don't need to alter or remove really anything from the awesome Ghost town area. Plus, the idea of seeing essentially Fury 325 in that dense urban area is a crazy but likely effective visual to draw even more interest to the park. El Toro Ryan's video on it was super interesting, especially with his engineering background.

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El Toro dropped a video on it already?

I need to go check that out!

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Doesn't Knott's have a height restriction?

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There's no height restriction to enter Knott's, no.

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Anyone that's interested in CEDAR POINT news, come join me back on THIS SITE at 10pm. Home to the biggest fans of the world's best amusement park (see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page). Anyone else interested in Knotts, King's Island or not hearing any further info about this topic, it's kind of like the radio/TV ..... there's other great sites on the internet, including a fabulous one called Coasterbuzz, feel free to switch over now. Until later.....

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Only it's not really Cedar Point "news", it's just your ideas, so often in a thread like this tangents emerge and come and go. It happens.

Anything, of course, is possible, and a new attraction at Cedar Point is (relatively speaking) always right around the proverbial corner.

If you're like me, you were a bit confused at the first "clue", which seemed to suggest that Cedar Point was lying about not being able to get a part (or parts) they need to re-open Maxair. From overseas. During a global pandemic.

I love your enthusiasm about the park, so this is not a "knock" at the thread, per se, just perhaps providing some context as to why there may not have been a resounding response.

The park is already doing a lot during an offseason that is unfortunately yet again leading towards an unpredictable (covid-19) opening and season. They are completely refurbishing Sawmill Creek from the inside out, and also doing the same to Castaway Bay...both of which are no small $$ investments. Then there is the (somewhat) mysterious Frontier Town development that is underway.

Banking on a big announcement that is as-of-yet entirely unknown seems like a Pipe

Promoter of fog.

Kevin J, respect your opinion, I voted you up, appreciate your comment about my enthusiasm for the park and totally understand and get where you're coming from about their not being an announcement for all the park is going through with these unknown times. Your correct, my friend, these are my ideas and yes... I did reach on the #1. Maxair post but you'll understand how that idea fits in at the very end with the answer. Be back in about 10 minutes.....

#9. The visitors and the teardown.

So we've seen one instance of a ride manufactuer's product not living up to expectations back in 2001 and the resulting amending of that relationship 5 years later with Skyhawk (same company which was S&S. RE-READ post # 2 , and you will see how a very similar circumstance happened yet again back towards the end of the 2015 season. Shoot the Rapids II, can we agree on that?

Keep in mind the park already had plans for the 2016 season (from years before that) with a little coaster we now know as Valravn.

Also understand the fact that a perfectly functional venue for BMX bikes, acrobatics, etc. was torn down mere months after what you are about to read below, that's very important to remember. The Oceana Stadium was there for almost 4 decades leading up until this exact point in time.

Keep an open mind on what you're about to read in the #1. link below from May of 2017, especially the part at the very end. Enjoy!! After this (coming up very shortly)..... THE ANSWER/ What's in the box?! (see movie clip also attached, one of my favorite scenes).

1. link >>

2. Link >> one of my favorite movies scenes (pardon the language).......

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Any questions/ comments so far? Your thoughts, curious to hear from you. I'll be lurking in the background shadows for a while. I highly recommend you go back and re-read Posts # 1 - 9 in the meantime. We'll definitely revisit those very soon.

Almost 1000 subscribers currently on the site as of this minute, nice job guys!! (beats the slow off season and winter blahs coming together for our love of Cedar Point, doesn't it? Again my friends, check out a great movie called Slumdog Millionaire if you never got a chance.... highly recommend.

Here we go......

Rehashing my posts 1 - 9...... maybe in no particular order? LOL!!

*** THE WEIGHTLESSNESS OF MAXAIR, The joy of the spinning seats, what if it NEVER gets fixed (hoping it does), what if it doesn't!!?!!!

*** The Unexpected break down of Shoot the Rapids II by an Intamin subsidiary.

*** the re-purposing of Mantis into a very similar LOOKING ride but a totally different experience.

*** the shape of the plot of land now that Wicked Twister will be & the Oceana stadium HAS BEEN demolished

*** the lean towards family & their thrills from the park recently.....

(sit tight, more to come........

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***The re-use of parts (what is old is new again) by the park. YES, we can re-use LIM/LSM Linear induction motors, highly charged (voltage) cables & electromagnets that are still there & have been never been taken out/ dug up.


***Manufacturers that have made amends in the past for broken rides.

***Intamin (makers of past great rides at the park ) visiting the park shortly after the Fiasco of Shoot the Rapids II.

The best one: WHY DOES THE PARK NOT AIM THE WEBCAMS over to the area of Wicked Twister by the Lake for weeks!!??!!, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?!!??? They are geniuses. Coming shortly!!! The ANSWER, my prediction of our new ride.

Dvo said:

There's no height restriction to enter Knott's, no.

Good answer! I had a good laugh myself.

Let me rephrase my question. Does Knott's have any height restrictions when it come to building rides or attractions?

Has the end of this "shows" season happened yet so I can simply binge read everything? Really hoping this isn't an M. Night Shamalan production...


Grab your pens & paper or whatever. Just in case you have any computer lagging / site issues . You are about to see something NEVER SEEN at any amusement park before. Write these down in case you need them shortly....

1. watch video fullscreen LINK (click it)

2. press red PLAY arrow

3. 25 seconds and past is my EXACT prediction

4. VERY IMPORTANT!! notice the light blue words - disclaimer (under the blue block) when you scroll down at the very bottom left.

GET READY, ARE YOU READY?? This is what I believe made park managment drool 4 1/2 years ago......

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I really hope this is a Rickroll.

Promoter of fog.


1. watch video fullscreen LINK (click it)

2. press red PLAY arrow

3. 25 seconds and past is my EXACT prediction

>>4. VERY IMPORTANT!! lastly, notice the light blue words - disclaimer (under the blue block) on the ride video page when you scroll down toward the very bottom left. To Be Announced!? interesting?

ENJOY!! Please ask yourself? Does it explain the park's Wicked Twister closing video and tie together all of my posts?

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