Detailed Park Map?

I will be attending Cedar Point for the first time in several years. It will be my son's first visit. We will only have two days and I understand both days will be very busy with Halloween in full swing. Even though I plan on using the fast lane/fright lane passes, I would still like to map out a plan. The map on the website does not list the name of the rides. Is there a way to find a more detailed map on line that I could print out?
Thanks for any help that can be provided.

I'm assuming you'll be there Saturday and Sunday? Don't pre order your Sunday Fast Lane/Fright Lane passes. More than likely, it won't be all that crowded due to work and school on Monday.

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I just wanted to say I could never find an online 2013 map either with rides listed. The best I can give you are a bunch of old maps.

Upside-down Fun House

It is a year or two out of date, but Google Street View brought their mapping bike to the Point and took a great series of shots.


Thank you for all the help. We are attending Friday and Saturday night. Will be getting fright lane passes on Friday and fast lane on Saturday. I expect both days to be crowded.

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Friday might not be too bad as far as crowds go.

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