Day Advice: Sunday, July 14th or Monday, July 15th

I have a good friend from Cincinnati coming in next week. Although he mostly just goes to Kings Island, I wanted to take him to Cedar Point while he was up north (it would be his first time back to CP in many years). However, he will only be up for a few days, so I have a limited schedule to work with.

Basically, we can only go on Sunday, July 14th or Monday, July 15th. What day will provide the best experience for us (shorter lines) while allowing us to get on the most coasters? ...we do plan on arriving right when the park opens, starting in the back, and working to the front.

I see the "How crowded will the park be on" thread shows Sundays to be less busy than Mondays, but in my (very limited) experience, I have thought Mondays to be less crowded.

Thanks to anyone able to provide some advice! We'd both really appreciate it!

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I'd go with your own experience.

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Both days are still going to be better than a friday or saturday during peak season time

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Thanks for the advice! We'll go on that Monday.

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