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I knew this would get your attention..LOL..Just wanted to send a "thanks again" to Dan for the socks Saturday night!! LOL..

The short of it is this..Last ride of the night for me Sat night (among others) was MF and with Dan, brandon, hooper, etc and like a idiot, I never went back to my room prior to prepare for the night weather and BOY was I cold..and like the good guy Dan is he graciously donated his socks to me who was sitting there freezing with no socks on and a pair of sandals...

Well you all get the point...DAN your the MAN!!

unsanitary maybe but I was warm and toasty after!!lol


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LOL. thanks for reminding me of that story. What a night so cold, feeling the cold wind on the ramp as those trains went by. Cold in the station. Then I felt my temp rising as we rose up the lift, and continuing to rise through the ride. And after the ride I was hot.

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It was very cold that night, Jeff looked a lot colder than I did.

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