Crazy things you hear while waiting in line...

I used to have so much fun in my spiels. Then some people thought it was too unprofessional and had us tone back. This year, I was not allowed to deviate from the script much at all especially being a green shirt. One of my supervisors even had an issue with me calling the cabins on Giant Wheel different fruits.

Magnum was a fun one with some of the innuendos we could sneak in or we could mess with people by having them wave at the controls host as they leave (they can't wave back), telling guests who asked that it only goes upside down on Wednesdays, etc

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Spiels are the one thing I'm on the fence about.

Alot of times, speils can seem snarky, unprofessional/rude, or even make no sense. Kings Island shows good examples here (calling their coasters different names, etc.).

However, it also is a stupid simple form of entertainment for some guests, and the employees on platform as well.

It's kind of that fine line of, is it good / benefitial, or would automation be better. I know most favor an actual person spieling, and in most cases I agree, especially when automation is done bad (Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a prime example w/ Verbolten). However, when done right (Universal Studios), it's done brilliantly. This allows you to then just communicate ops more freely / more relaxed platform, and reduces risk of upsetting any one guest.

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Maverick can have some pretty entertaining spiels. I imagine that's because it's a slower loader. On Gatekeeper, for example, you don't really have the time to be a comedian in your spiels.

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Once on Mine Ride, the ride host was claiming CCMR was better than Millennium Force. He was also playfully bashing Blue Streak nonstop. It was hilarious XD

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I always like the "takes you upside down not once, not twice but zero times" spiel.

At Carowinds this year the WindSeeker ride op starting singing random songs to us. That man has got to be the most fun op I've ever had.

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Earlier this season one very excited ride op would not shut up about it being power hour. Saying it like everyone waiting needed to know. Never regreted waiting for the first train more than that I did that day.

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I'm curious what ride this was

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This isn't something I heard, but rather saw. Last night, a guy in front of us walked through the TTD line smoking marijuana. The employee at the entrance didn't even notice him. The "skunk" smell was so strong, and it was so obvious, I have no clue how he didn't get caught. I wish I could read minds and find out what the hell people are thinking.

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ValravnCP said:

This isn't something I heard, but rather saw. Last night, a guy in front of us walked through the TTD line smoking marijuana. The employee at the entrance didn't even notice him. The "skunk" smell was so strong, and it was so obvious, I have no clue how he didn't get caught. I wish I could read minds and find out what the hell people are thinking.

Experienced the same thing waiting for Raptor earlier yesterday. Either they had just finished smoking somewhere in the park moments before getting in line or they still were.

What they’re thinking is “It would be great to get high and go on this ride.”

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TwistedWicker77 said:

I'm curious what ride this was

Millennium Force, in my mind I said it but it didnt make it onto the page.

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On closing night around 7:15pm I took three rides on Magnum. Each ride I could smell a faint whiff of marijuana as I was in the pretzel turnaround. I imagine some folks were hiding out on the beach celebrating the end of the season without worrying about who was going to be on last trains.

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When we were coming in from the parking lot, and headed back out - we passed several cars that were hot-boxing it up. I've never seen that so much outside of a concert.

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This wasn't at CP and wasn't really crazy either but it's CP related and made me chuckle. Today while waiting in line at Best Buy during their Black Friday sale (it was still a long line at 2PM), and I heard someone in line say this reminds them of Cedar Point.

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I actually enjoy most of the entertaining spiels -- it breaks from the monotony of the same script. My favorite spiel was on Wicked Twister, I think two summers ago. The ride op said he would launch us after the countdown in Binary! I was laughing so hard I lost track of what he was saying and was totally unprepared for that launch!

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Unexpected launches are the best. At Magic Mountain last summer the Full Throttle op asked “Do you want a countdown or do you want to be surprised?” and she launched us on the word suprised. Idk why I was so off guard because I’ve gotten those launches before. Maybe because it was Six Flags lol.

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I loved deviating from my script a little bit while spieling. "You're about to go round and round, up and down, and back and forth at 14.5 miles per hour. Who's ready to roll?"

When I was at Cadillac Cars and we had a back up, I would initiate conversations with guests to see how their day was going, what ride they liked so far, if they came here often, etc. My personal favorite responses:

  • On more than one occasion, I had guests tell me their favorite ride is Magnum Force. I would ask if they meant Millennium Force or Magnum, but they insisted it was Magnum Force.
  • Parents tell me about taking their kids to Snoopyland. Planet Snoopy? Camp Snoopy? The world may never know.
  • "What was that one metal coaster that was behind the Cadillac Cars?" Uhh, there wasn't a coaster, but Turnpike Cars used to be there. "No, it was a coaster! Right where Valravn is!" (after thinking for a minute) Ma'am, are you talking about Wildcat? "YES!"
  • This actually happened after I got off work, but I was once stopped by a guest over some kind of rumor that Gemini is being torn down. I was really confused because not to my knowledge. She then called me a disappointment because I was "supposed to know this stuff because I worked here." Yeah, fun fact: employees don't have the inside scoop on anything.

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^ Employees especially don't have a scoop on things that aren't happening ;) Gee, lady, maybe that's why nobody knows about it.

The funny thing is that Magnum Force is a real ride. It was a Schwarzkopf that operated from 2000 to 2005 at Flamingo Land. Here it is on RCDB.

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