CPlove & CPcyclone's trip report

First of all, did anyone come from rte. 250? We caught a glimpse of MF around the Sandusky Meijers!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! It reminded me of seeing the towers on the Mackinac Bridge miles before we even got there! WOW! This thing is huge!

We arrived at the park around 8:30. after a day at SFO the day before, we were dying to be back home. There, we met JeffreySpartan, and made some friends who held us a spot in line for MF. As we booked back there, we saw the red train go around the final turn. That was so exiting! As we got in line, before we could even catch our breath, we where in the station! I love the lights in the station. The "Intamin Gigacoaster" plates on each car of the trains were a nice effect too. It just made everyone pumped up even more. The first rain left and crept out of the station until the lift caught, and everyone was cheering. This has to be the most amazing experience! EVERYONE was cheering! I love how it moves slowly forward, then takes off! The ride was everything I thought it would be, and as Jeff said, nothing can be compared to it. It is so smooth and fast, it is in a class all it's own.

After that we got the water rides out of the way before everyone got there, and hopped on Mean Streak. (I give it another chance every year) WOW! I was so impressed! We took the front seat, and the irst half of the ride was amazing! They retracked that part, and you could definately tell! This thing was alot smoother than last year. After that, we headed to our next FIRST coaster experience ever on Woodstock's Express. This also surprised us. It felt faster than the Mine Ride! Next was the Magnum, which was sadly the only disappointment in our trip. We had the roughest ride ever on it. Maybe we were spoiled by MF, but I thought is was rougher than the Mean Streak!!! OUCH! As far as comparing it to MF, I can't even go there, they are two TOTALLY different ride experiences.

Later on, we went to the front to ride Disaster Tansport, adn a few more of the effects are working. I still like this ride. Also, to add to the boardwalk cement observation, new WOODEN benches were added around a few trees. Over all, our CP trip was another success and definately a memorable one.
Actually when you go from RT 250 you can see it right before you get into sandusky. Before the 86 lumber store. You see the upper half with the strobe blinking. Just look straight up 250 it is right in line with the road. Try that next time.

Welcome back Millennium Force riders...We all want to know how was your RIDE!!!!!
Ya know, I felt like Marty McFly at the end of Back to the Future, when he looks at his improved surroundings an says "Everything looks great" CP improved everything this year, even if it was just a subtle 310 ft improvement, everything felt perfect.
I feel that Mean Streak is the best that I ever remember! It has really smoothened out this year. Besides MF that was the biggest shocker to me.

"Any day, is a great day, to ride a rollercoaster!"

When on the turnpike you can also see the MF just not for very long (just before the exit before the Ford Building) i havent been there yet but, i did go up to battery park about a month and a half ago WOW! i havent even ridden it yet!
oh don't worry, the first hill isn't all that baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd!!!!!

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