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I'm just figuring out my plans for the summer, and I have two opportunities to go to CP, but on both occasions I will not have a car. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get to the park?

Trip #1: I'd be taking the ferry down from Pelee Island for a weekend trip (coming down Friday night, going back Sunday afternoon). I'd have a bike with me, but I'd much rather not bring a car, as it'll cost me a lot extra in terms of ferry fees and parking. Can one bike to the point? (and if so, would anyone stop me from taking what Google Maps labels as Cedar Point Dr.? I've read that it may technically not be allowed, but if there are no signs... I just would rather not go all the way out to Cedar Point Rd., as it seems unnecessarily long, and US 6 looks a bit dangerous to bike). Alternatively, are there any creative ways to use public transit (buses, shuttles, etc...) to get out there?

Trip #2: I'd be taking Amtrak, and would prefer not to bring a bike, although I could. This trip I'd be more down to get a hotel that has a shuttle to the park (although if anyone has any creative solutions, they would be much appreciated, as I might try to do this as a day trip).

Important note: I am a student, so I value spending less money over taking more time to do something. I really do enjoy taking long and ridiculous (and inexpensive) trips.

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Hello, Alex. I was going to say that your trip(s) sound long and ridiculous, but then I saw that you're ok with that!
And usually this place is chock full of advice, but I see no one's come forward, so let me take a stab. And I have some questions.

I like trip number one. I looked up the ferry from Pelee and it looks like a fun trip. I'm assuming the bike you mention is a bicycle, right?
And if so, no, I wouldn't recommend riding the bike to Cedar Point. I suppose you could, there's local side roads that go along the bay to get you there unscathed, but then you'd have the causeway to deal with. Cedar Point Drive is the road that runs through and around the park, or what we call the "perimeter road". There would be nothing to stop you from taking the causeway, but once you got to the toll booths at the parking lot, I'm not sure what they'd do with you. Maybe it happens all the time, maybe employees do it, but I've never heard of anyone riding their bike to the park.
Here's another solution. The Pelee ferry will let you off in Sandusky in a large area with big boat docks right downtown. Nearby you'll find the Cedar Point ferry which takes you back across the bay to the Cedar Point marina. Locals and employees use this service all the time. The ferry isn't huge, and I'm not sure what the rule would be about taking the ferry with your bike. Like I said, employees without cars use the ferry to go into town and maybe some of them take bikes. It sure wouldn't hurt to contact the park and ask.
But thats what I'd do. There's a fare, of course, but it's not much. And I'm less adventurous than you.
This trip is over several nights I see, so where are you planning to stay? Forgive me for assuming your budget prohibits a stay at a CP resort, so if it does you'll deal with getting back and forth to your hotel with your bike so there's that to consider. There aren't many (any?) lodging choices right downtown to make using the ferry each morning and evening convenient.

As far as trip 2 goes, I'm not sure. Where does Amtrak drop you off on a trip to Ohio? I remember discussion about this in the past, but it was employees trying to get to the Point for their summer job and I dont recall the outcome. Regardless, I think at least for now that trip #1 sounds like the best option.

Good luck, let me know.

the greatest alex -

Hey RCMAC, thanks for your reply! I think I'm leaning towards trip #1 anyways.

I tried researching ferries to Cedar Point, but all I found was this: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/mailbag/2718106 Are there any ferries that are currently running to the point that you know of?

You are right--the bike I mention is a bicycle. If there were a ferry to the point, I'd probably leave it locked up in Sandusky.

As far as lodging goes, I was considering using AirBnB--there seem to be a number of fairly affordable choices downtown. I'm comfortable biking for ~30-45 minutes at a time, and I can do longer than that if necessary (although I'd prefer a shorter ride).

Amtrak has a station in Sandusky, about a 10 minute bike ride from downtown.


OH MY GOD, well this is what I know!
The Cedar Point Ferry no longer operates, in fact in checking I found it ceased to operate in 1997. Well, for cryin out loud.

Apparently ridership was so low it wasn't close to being profitable. Sorry for the mis-direct...

noggin -

If you're going to bike to the park, you have to bike along the Chausee AKA Cedar Point Road. (The Causeway is Cedar Point Drive.) You cannot take your bike on the causeway or anywhere else on Cedar Point property.

If you get to the park via the Chausee you'll need to lock your bike up off-property and walk the length of the parking lot to the entrance.

the greatest alex -

What if I were to bike on the causeway? I don't see any signs that prohibit bikes on google maps. Would anyone do anything?

noggin -

Per the park:

"Guests are not permitted to ride a bicycle anywhere on Cedar Point property [this includes the Causeway]. If you wish to ride a bicycle to Cedar Point, you should ride in on (Cedar Point Road) the old Chaussee Road off US Route 6. The bicycle should be locked to the fence next to the Chaussee tollbooth. You may then walk across the parking lot to the main gate."

the greatest alex -

I was asking more along the lines of "Does anyone actually enforce the rules? And if so, will they make me turn around? or just ask me not to do it again?"

noggin -

Unlikely they'd make you just turn around, since you'd still be riding your bike on the causeway. They might load your bike and you into a vehicle and take you to the mainland. They might load your bike and you into a vehicle once they've arrested you.

I'd err on the side of caution and follow the rules, but in the end, that's your call to make.

One word: Uber

It's another option for you... I have used it in the past -- no to go to CP, but in my neck of the woods a few times. May want to check it out.

the greatest alex -

Are you sure Uber operates in Sandusky?


I checked that. There is Uber Sandusky, believe it or not.
And lord knows what that might be like.

Pete -

I put 44870 and 44871 in the Uber search field and it came up with nothing. Uber does not operate in Sandusky.

A fairly reasonable cab option in Sandusky is City Service Taxi, though the vehicle is kind of trashed last time I took it, every warning light on the dash was lit.

Pete -

Actually, I might be mistaken. I did a Google search for Uber Sandusky and it came up with a website. Don't know how official this is, maybe it is just a driver operating outside of his normal service area. One of the instructions on the site said "and the fine print is, don’t be a “butt hole”", which leads me to believe this isn't official.

Maybe this has changed in recent years but I didnt think biking was allowed on cedar point property at all with the only exception being triathlon weekend.

topthrilldragster4lyf -

Indeed, there are signs attesting to this. I believe I saw one around Hotel Breakers yesterday but don't have a picture to link to.

GDdashROM -

I assume this is because they can't charge $15 a bike to park, but they probably do it in the guise of "safety".

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My ex-girlfriend and I were in this same spot two years ago. Well almost, the same. We were staying at Breakers the last weekend of the season, and we had to Greyhound it to Sandusky. From there, the only option I could find was a cab. It was expensive, considering the distance, $30. And we had to pay for the parking (I did get reimbursed by the hotel).

The bike would be cheapest by far, but you are going to have to bike a good bit, west on Route 6, and then the 4 miles or whatever Chaussee is. Just be alert because that road is not very wide, and idiots like to go tearing down it like a dragstrip.

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