CP trip July 11 2018

I went with my uncle since my immediate family gets worn out easily. The crowd was average making easier to go on some of the smaller rides. Let's say there's a certain someone with autism so this person can get on the rides easier. I also went with my cousin (my uncle and cousin had Platinum Passes) and we had a little challenge. Go on every roller coaster we can. I can't believe how bumpy the rides are since I haven't been on many of the rides in years ( there was a hurricane like storm there in 2016 when I last went there)
.It went pretty much according to plan, the Millennium Force was the smoothest ever. I had my Pac-Man shirt on to get ready to play the original Pac-Man, unfortunately the machine in the arcade was out of order. And there was only one instead of two machines. Their are a lot of staff with other speaking languages that made it sometimes difficult to understand their accents, (one person said so on this board). I fit on almost all the rides. I barely fit on the Top Thrill Dragster, I nearly had a Walk Of Shame moment, and the ride almost broke (I was going to fit on the Wicked Twister as well, but the ride broke down). I finally was able to go on the old fashioned swing in Frontier Town that I missed for years, not because of weight, but time conveniences.

I forgot about the unlimited drink pass, since the drinks ate up a lot of my money..

Speaking of drinks, we had a Coca-Cola "pause and refresh" moment, we needed to get a drink before going on the next ride.

My uncle lost his sunglasses on the Steel Vengance, and I lost a Cavs hat in Blue Streak. (I wasn't upset since LeBron might be leaving the Cavs)

I have a video that I bought about being on that bungee ride ( forgot the name), that was the most nervous I had in a while on thrill rides. But it went well.

This trip gave me a new perspective of Cedar Point. By 2013 I missed the old rides and atmosphere , but this year, since I skipped CP in 2017, I found a new light on Cedar Point. I had the username CPClassic, since back then I missed the old Cedar Point, but somehow I let go of my nostalgia and enjoyed Cedar Point for what it is now.

And oh by the way did I tell you that the Peanuts gang waved to the people. I "waved" at Lucy. Not bad for a crabby character who always pulls away the football.

What are your thoughts?

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Uuuum there’s no “might”... LeBron is a Laker. I think they are already taking his huge billboard poster off the building in downtown Cleveland.


Banner came down from the Sherwin Williams building last week.

I have been going to Cedar Point for more than 45 years. It has changed a lot. There are things I miss about the "old" days. But I really like the current edition of the park and look forward to its growth/changes in the coming decades.

Are there any rides you didn’t fit on? How tight were MF and Steel Vengeance?
I’m similar weight as you and going in 2 weeks.

I almost couldn't fit on
TTD, but MF was only a little tight.

Wicked Twister passed test seat, ride broken.

Steel Vengeance was great!

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