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Hi everyone!

My name is Deva (dayva) and I just applied and submitted my audition tape to be a costumed character for the 2018 season! I've previously worked as a character performer at both Disney World and Universal Studios! I just had a couple questions!

1. Does anyone know height ranges for the characters?

2. Anyone who's gone through the process of hiring, can you tell me how it all goes for hiring, training, and such?

3. How do I know if I qualify for housing?

4. Anything else any former characters wanna share with me?

Thanks everyone!!!

4th job under Availiable Positions will answer some of your questions.

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Thanks! I saw the range but I'm just wondering at my height what characters I would be hanging out with :) I'm 4'8" so I'd probably be pretty good friends with Snoopy and Woodstock and maybe Sally?

As far as housing, if your home address is more than 25 miles away, you qualify

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Thanks! :)

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4'8"?... That's around Minion and duck height I think. Hmmm.....Woodstock and maybe Snoopy. Have fun this summer!

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You're right about both :) and awesome! Thanks for the reply!

With the height of 4'8", there is a good chance of getting to know Woodstock the best. He's the shortest of the height range. But everyone gets a chance to know Snoopy at the Hotel (they take turns during the week). There is actually two Snoopy's at night at the Hotel, but they will match you up with someone who is also on the shorter range of heights.

(I actually spent a summer being a costume character at CP, but that was in 2011, so my info may be a bit dated. But it was still a fun summer.).

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Oh awesome! Okay! So are the other characters more in the 5'0 range? I'm just curious if cp has any leeway because at Universal I was measured at 4'11" to give me more characters to hang out with! Omg that's so cool! Are you provided clothing to wear during work? At Universal we had t-shirts and cotton shorts with barcodes on them! :) Thanks for the reply!

Characters are anywhere between 4'8" and 5'3". Since I'm 5'3 (for once in my life, I'm tall !!), I hanged out with Charlie Brown, Schroeder, & Snoopy. Since Snoopy was by himself, I could hang out with him. But if the rest of the gang was there, I would have been someone else. We're not provided any clothes to wear, so wear whatever you want. I typically wore basketball shorts and a lighter colored t-shirt under the costume.

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Awesome! That helps, thanks!

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