Cost of Food vs. Single Meal Deal

Hello - The wife and I will be driving from central Wisconsin to visit CP next Friday and Saturday, staying at Hotel Breakers. Is the $13.99 single meal deal a good deal? (Entree, side, drink). What would the average cost in the park be for a burger, fries, and a soda? We plan on eating a few meals at the hotel but just want to know if I should purchase any of these deals ahead of time. Thanks!

We bought an offer like this a few years ago when it first came out and it seemed to be cheaper then. This year the single meal deal is $15 online with the tax. We already bought the souvenir cup for the refills, so the single meal plan doesn't seem worth it to us. It would also limit where you could eat. We like to grab a meal from Chick Fil A or just snack on fries sometimes. My dad even just gets a basket of chicken fingers instead of the combo with the fries.
The single meal plan seems nice if you were sending your teenager to the park and wanted to make sure they ate a meal and not have to carry money with them.
As for being a money saver, I'm not sure until I see the prices for this year.
Our family will be there next Friday and Saturday too! Hoping for nice weather! Have a great trip!

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This year the combos at the food stand include a drink. I believe a cheeseburger combo is 14.99 before tax.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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