Corkscrew Train Repaint

Ok. Thanks for your suggestion.


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Pssst, Ellex. In the future you might want to consider not posting so much consecutively. Like, if you make a post and want to add another thought, edit your post instead of making a new one.

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Skyhawk06 said the same thing :-) Thanks. Just love CP talk.


Hey Ellex K check out the edit function!

Sorry I just wanted to be one of the cool kids. Peer pressure and all...


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^ Nah, the cool people post in the dreams thread.

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For those of you that want Cedar Point to rebuild Jumbo Jet, it appears to be possible. Looks like it's in Belarus now

Will the new paint stop it from giving me a knot/kink in my back that usually lasts 2 weeks? If not, then I agree with the lipstick comment.

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^Short answer: Yes! Of course it will. It's new PAINT. It also makes the ride faster, and adds 2 inversions!

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There used to be decorative banners sporting the logo hanging in the station years ago. It would make a nice touch bring those back as well.

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Not only am I wowed by the paint job (which is, to use one of my grandpa's expressions, slicker than snot on a doorknob), but I got a kick out of seeing the process from stripping to detailing. Even my coaster-hating husband was impressed! :P Can't wait to see them sailing over the midway this summer.

I believe it needs to be a glass doorknob...At least that's what the hillbilly who lived in my dad's roach motel used to say.

TwistedWicker77 said:
Looks great! However, lipstick on a pig comes to my mind.

So true...time to cook that bacon and make some prime rib in its place 👌

I remember they had those for WT as well. Not sure if they are still there or Tiki Twirl was sat on them.


Whenever Tiki Twirl was moved to it’s current spot, the beautiful WT logo stamped into the ground was removed as well as the flagpoles and lights that shined on them. Kind of a shame, unfortunately.

Spent the day at the park today. A beautiful day... Nearly perfect, really. I thought the Corkscrew trains looked very sharp! Overall, I thought the park was looking very well taken care of. Mine Ride has been dressed up for its 50th birthday and things in general seemed well maintained.

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Honestly, if the park is looking this good now, I'm excited for what they could do in 2020.

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Banners have reappeared in the Corkscrew (and Gemini) station.

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Which banners?

The new blue train looks gorgeous in action. The ride itself, I've added 3 more Arrow inverts to my count this year and I'm sad to say that Corkscrew is the worst one I've been on that still runs. It's awful, my 15 spot at the park for sure. Doubt it'll leave due to the footprint and look over the midway, but I think it's a once a year ride for me for good.

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After riding the re-tracked Vekoma corkscrew model at Efteling in the Netherlands (Python), that would be so perfect for CP to do in 'refreshing' corkscrew. That ride was a lot of fun without the terrible transitions, new trains, etc... I genuinely really enjoyed that ride.

I'm sure it wasn't cheap, but hell, it's a nice family ride that if updated could be worthwhile. Vekoma did not even do the new track on that one which was surprising, CSM out of Belgium did the rework.

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I liked Python before the re-do. I was braced for the worst and it didn’t happen. In fact, there was no line so I rode it several times. I even thought the layout was good... well, slightly different from what we see, anyway.

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