Corkscrew got seatbelts.

I went to CP yesterday and we were going to ride Corkscrew. When we got in the station I saw seatbelts attached to the OTSRs. I asked the guy working and he said they did that for extra security. I must say that it doesn't seem like they give extra security because they are so primitive. They have the orange strap wrapped around the restraint with a knut and bolt to hold it into place. Then at the other end they have the silver thing (of course : ) ). And finally they have the buckle thing you stick the silver thing into on the edge of the seat. I didn't feel safer. They do look cool when the restraints are up though.

BTW- I had a great time at CP.

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I'm sure the day is coming when rollercoaster trains are inclosed in plastic tubes. Soundproof, shatterproof plastic to prevent a rider from falling out or prevent a stray object from being thrown at a rider.

How long till they install side guards on Gemini? A plastic shield on the left side of the blue train and one on the right side of the red train, you know to prevent all that unsafe handslapping!

Mr Idiot,

Please don't give them ideas.


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Does anyone have a picture of these or how they attach. If not I will just see them next time I go.

Why don't they just weld each rider to the seat?

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So how much does this limit the size of the rider? Just curious. I fit into almost everything and don't anticipate a problem but just curious... (Corkscrew is not one of my faves anyway!)

Jillly was at CP on Monday and I would guess the seat belt is set at about 4 clicks. The OTSR needs to be pointed down and not out (1 or 2 clicks). If anyone else has more or better information please let us know.

So I've been riding Cork Screw for over 20 years and it hasn't been safe? Thank God I can ride it without fearing I might fall out!!

Yea... that little orange belt is gonna make a HUGE difference if the shoulder harness should come undone... I mean could you imagine that??? Nothing between you and the ground but a 3 inch wide belt....

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I dunno Jillly... sounds like a great ride to me. :)

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I used to hate Corkscrew but now it is actually one of my favorites, its short and sweet and I just have a great time on it I don't know why.

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I guess they had to many people fall out of Corkscrew the last 30 years that they needed seatbelts.

It's just another stupid safty rule that CP has placed. And I'd hate to be a Corkscrew rideop now, bending down and checking the seatbelts would be a big headache (or should I say backache).

MrScott is right, don't give them any ideas. ;)

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Here are three pictures: 1 2 3

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Way to go Walt, you do an awsome job of getting those pics up so fast.

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What a joke.....

I bet you will no longer see 3 train operation on corkscrew due to this silly belt. Its going to slow down loading/unloading.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I hardly think this will slow down loading/unloading by that much to even make a difference. It's not that hard to use a seat belt. Do you think Raptor's loading/unloading would be any faster if that ride didn't have seat belts?

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Corkscrew already stacks badly enough as it is. With the added time of checking seatbelts, it'll end up being like Mantis used to be when it ran 3 trains.

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Agreed - bending over to check seatbelts takes substantially longer than just walking by and tugging on harnesses. It will most definitely affect operations. If those belts re left on, there will be no point to running three trains. They might as well send the third one to Michigan's Adventure since they only have one train on their Corkscrew. *** Edited 6/19/2005 11:03:50 PM UTC by MDOmnis***


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Let me begin by saying what a lot of us who've been riding coasters for a while were probably thinking when we first enter this thread...

What the ****!?!?!?! (insert your own explative here) A safety belt on an Arrow OTSR!?

I wonder if this is an easy go/no go on the restraints like it is on Raptor?? I know a few years ago they were making a big deal of getting the restraint down to a certain point. Could there have been an incident that brought this on as well?? How many mid-season changes have we seen now that can be classified as headscratchers?

Anybody been on Double Loop @ GL lately??

Just waiting for RideMan's filibuster on the matter :)

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