We are heading to CP for the evening portion of Coastermania and the two days afterwards in June. This is our first time attending Coastermania at my 11 year old son's request (more like begging, but who can say no to a CP trip?). I am going to assume it will be a busy event, but would appreciate any insight on the event in order to prepare him. We will attend the later ERT since we have our last day of school that Friday thanks to a snow make-up day. We were hoping that we could get up for the earlier events, but not sure if we can.

Thank you!

My husband and I have been to the last several coastermania events at CP. Most of the info you may need is on cedarpoints website under events. If you can, try to make it earlier to take full advantage of everything the day has to offer. As far as crowds for this event,nothing outrageous since MF was new in 2000.The main thing is,just have fun.

Does anyone have any recommendations on preferred coaster clubs? I'm not currently a member, but would love to become one in time for Coastermania. I noticed that a current coaster club membership card is needed to gain access to Coastermania events. Question is, do any clubs provide instant and/or printable membership cards?

Any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated!

You're really last minute on that one... I don't think Jeff can get you a CoasterBuzz card overnight. However, ACE does offer a "temporary" virtual membership card. It might be a day or so turnaround though.

Thanks for the info, appreciate that. Didn't mean to be last minute with this but we didn't decide to go this Friday until last minute. Does anyone have Jeff's contact info from CoasterBuzz?

Is anyone who approves memberships from any coaster club going to attend CoasterMania?

He's on here as well.

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