CoasterMania 08'

Anyone know when the next CoasterMania will be? I know it is a little early, but just wondering to request it off work really, really early!

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Don't you think its a little bit early to be worrying about 08'. Why not enjoy the park still in 07'.

I don't think it has been announced yet.

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Not sure when but if it's anything like the past Coastermania's, it'll be at Cedar Point.......oh wait, isnt it always at Cedar Point?:)

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It is early to be worrying about this, but I am going thats all I know.

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When will WaterSlide EXT be?

Thats a good point I wonder what will happen to Coaster EXT?

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I don't wonder. I already came to the independent conclusion that it won't ever happen again. If you want, I can give you a lesson on logic, and show you exactly how I came to that conclusion.

I bet they change it to CoasterEXT to something at Kings Island

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What is the drive between CP and KI like? How long is the drive? I think I remember people saying It was a pain or it was long and boring or maybe both.

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Yeah, both.

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^^ - take a piece of paper and lay it on the table. Draw a line down the middle of the paper.

You have now mapped the route on a topographical map.

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It's about 200 miles from CP to KI, so about 3 1/2 hours or so, depending on the route you take.

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Yeah. It's really not that bad... you take backroads for about an hour and a half, and then it's just 75 south (the way I take) for a little over 2 hrs. I don't know why that's so bad. Try driving to Chicago... now THAT is boring. Indiana toll road = no exits for about 30 miles at a time, and no signs of civilization.

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It is horrible isn't it?

They might just move CoasterExt to Kings Island. Its a possibility.

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The drive from CP to KI is not that bad, it is about 3 hours if you move faster than grandpa, and you pass a white castle on the way!!!!!! I love white castle, we don't have them in Florida so it's a big deal.

No I mean't the drive from Chicago to Cp

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June 6th!



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Nice so if I am a platinum pass holder I get in for free to this coastermania thing?

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You must be a member of a recognized coaster club.

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