Coaster Question

Sunday, December 5, 1999 12:01 PM
For any of you coaster operators. This past summer
my friend and I were stuck on the Iron Dragon on July 13, 1999.
We were stuck at the top of lift 1. We were up there for about 45 minutes.
We finally had to walk down the lift. When we got down to the station the
TL was asking us for our names, and address. She had a paper that she was writing
all of this information down on. My question is how come they have to ask you this after
you have walked down from the lift due to the ride being stuck. I'm not complaining about
this I'm just curious. After that we recieved a coupon to go on a ride without having to
wait. I loved the entire experience. I just wished that it was the Magnum being stuck at the top.
Monday, December 6, 1999 11:02 AM
Probably for filing reasons and liability reasons. At the farm if someone got bit by a goat, we had to fill out an incident report with information about the person and what happened, etc.

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Tuesday, December 7, 1999 8:35 AM
It seems to me that if I were of the mind to sue the park over an incident (not that this particular incident is lawsuit-worthy) the last thing that I would want to do is cooperate and give them any information.

Duane Cahill
Tuesday, December 7, 1999 8:47 AM
I don't know, I was just guessing...but I'm just they file it away for some reason or another.
Tuesday, December 7, 1999 10:12 AM
We do this because it protects us from anyone sueing the park. That way we know exactly who was on the ride and who walked down. I mean anyone can walk by and see people walking down the lift, then turn around and try to sue. What a society we know live in!!

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