Closed at 5 today

Steel Vengeance was operating at 7:30 this evening.

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cptedsdisciple2 said:

It ws closd down completely today as well. I wonder what problem they are having now?

That's odd, considering I had friends who were there from out of town and were posting pictures of themselves in line and in the station during different parts of the day, and they rode several times.

I was at the park yesterday too and rode Steel vengeance and it was running the last time I walked by it. Where are you getting that it was closed completely?

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"where are you getting that it was closed completely?"

Straight out of their rear end, I'd imagine...

Everyone knows that if you walk by a ride once and it’s down, it’s closed all day. Any complainer at Park Op can tell you that.

Nope my rear end had nothing to do with it, when I arrived it was closed and when I left about five it was totally closed as well.

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I was there all day on 6/14 for Father's day/Birthday with my 2 adult kids. Rode Steel Vengeance twice. In line 10:30am , loaded train 12:40pm. Had to wait as a young girl vomited on the ride and they had to clean & run the train through 3 empty cycles before loading. Rode front seat... WOW!!! Then again in line at 8pm, rode at 9:15pm. Front seat of last car. OMG!!! This ride is AWESOME!! I would have waited 5 hours for this experience. My only goal of the day was to ride this coaster. The ride elements here are back-to-back-to-back, continuously. I'm not exaggerating here with the back seat experience. Laughing so hard the entire ride as it felt like the coaster was trying to eject me through a majority of the ride. No complaints whatsoever. Smooth as silk but intense. GREAT JOB CP and RMC!! This bumps MF & TTD and is definitely best coaster in the park to me. As fantastic as this is, I can only imagine what CP has up their sleeve for 2020. Thank you CP for making this the best B-Day/Father's Day gift ever.

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