Cedar Point's 2022 Christmas Video

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YouTube video should go live in a few minutes


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Welp, let whatever speculation for 2024 begin...

"CP2024PHPNR" on the "Confidential" folder at 1:25.

Could be nothing. Could be something. I've never gone back and looked at these to see if they line up with what actually happened or if they ended up being a red herring.

Is the "you don't even go here" at the end a reference to something? Not sure what that was about.

Is this the year of the Bob Ross sweaters? I was at my son's high school choir family party last night and saw 3 different Bob sweaters. I saw that Tony is wearing one in the video. Is that the thing for this year?

@Shades - It is apparently from the movie "Mean Girls" I had to look it up too.

And no, tree collars is the thing this year.

Haha, Tony is trolling the enthusiasts with the head chef in the “confidential 2024” plan. Hilarious

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That's so fetch!

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Let the over-analyzing begin!

Already saw comments about the lack of Dragster in the Facebook comments after only a few minutes, so that's nice.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Pointbuzzers Have Predictions Never Right

Pleading Here Please No Restaurant

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its a Christmas video not the breaking bad universe. so I'm sure they mostly just troll and don't actually plant any real easter eggs.

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Gonna be honest, I ceased all speculation the moment Churro came on the screen. The little guy is so cute, how could anybody think of anything else? ❤️

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I am definitely ok with having the different food options within the park; and I know that the 2024 part of the Christmas video is just speculation, but NOT another restaurant, please.

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Now that they have BBQ, Farmhouse, and soon Grand Pavilion, they have pretty thoroughly overhauled their dining options throughout the park, so I wouldn't expect any major restaurant additions for a bit. There will surely be updates to smaller eateries, but I imagine those would be more along the scale of the Roost/Mr. Potato type updates that are part of bigger projects, rather than Farmhouse level additions.


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I agree, and one would have to believe that restrooms are next on the improvement list, especially with the one by the now removed scrambler being torn down this off season.

The roost/Mr. potato building is gone,


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Might want to re-read his whole post a few times.

He referenced those stands as the “type/size” of food options that would likely be added in the future, vs a full scale new restaurant/pavilion/farmhouse.

He didn’t mention those, or that building, specifically.

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Yes, what Josh said. My assumption, which is based on renderings which I realize aren't blueprints, is that Roost will be replaced by a modern food stand, and I expect updates on that level to continue throughout the park. But I don't expect any more Farmhouse/Grand Pavilion scale additions.


So, as a summary of the food rumors/observations so far, in a vague reasonableness order:

New Pavilion restaurant & bar
Roost/Mr Potato demolished, replacement based on artwork?
Juice sipper/cotton candy building removed
New boardwalk ice cream stand, unconfirmed, based on artwork
Boardwalk work being done near Lakeside Express
Johnny Rocket, Chickie & Pete closed for Halloweekends, rumored permanently
Walking Taco moved to Derby Dogs (temporarily?)
Miss Keets, Stockade often closed (just staffing problems?)
New Panda express being built on rt250, any effect on CP?

Did I miss anything?

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