Cedar Point Trip Report Oct 14-15

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Hello, it's been a while since I've been here, but I went up for a weekend with friends to the park to have a little enjoyment.

Saturday, a very nice weather day, clear skies, decent temps, and a smooth breeze. This was going to be nice being Mid October. Our group was 4 of us, one of which was disabled unfortunately so we were caring for them, one having a platinum pass (thank you for the parking!) So first thing we do when we enter is go to the Gatekeeper. Overall the ride was running decent, appearing to hitting intervals, save one time where a Ride-op rushed the lift hill, guess someone was being bad? We got on mid-train, I taking the right side. Overall I felt it was a smooth ride, decent B&M addition, the frown face over the entry is still fun as it turns you through the holes. I give it a plus.

Next, was a classic favorite of mine, ridden since it was first opened. I was the only one going since my friends are, well rather unable to fit in the famous early 00s restraint belts, etc. I took the far rear as I usually do for the rush. Always loved the LIM sounds and the rush, still a plus in my book. Next stop was to try the Raptor...

About that, the line was full and really out the entry point, didn't seem like it was running intervals really well. SKIP there's Sunday.

Off to the next thing, we take the right path in the midway to head to that side, wanted to try corkscrew, that was down at the time, SKIP, there's Sunday. TTD, well that's been down for obvious reasons. No worries.

Oh Magnum, how can you ever fail me...CLOSED. Interesting, so we walk further back I see one train parked at the lift hill, guess they MAY open it? Well let's get a drink and hit the Gemini. I observed a 2 train-one sided operation of the Orange car. Ok not too bad, we get in line. Behind us, some kid was doing some weird screeching sound EACH and every time the train hit the lift. What was worse, midway in the queue, Magnum started up, well then. Anyway, Gemini was decent, again taking the mid train.

Hey the CCMR is there, why the hell not! Again, I ended up being the solo rider :-( What is it with some restraints? Not a bad enjoyable fun ride still. #WhatisIntheShed was a thing

After that, we went to check out what this mean streak thing was, oh hey, it's looking 100000x better! Let's hit that Maverick up while we're at it. Have to love the LSM lift, that always is a nice thing. Decent punch to the ride.

Took a break, had a little break at the Red Garter, Yes Rob, your place ;-) if you're still around. Then next stop was my choice, MF. Our group split up, 2 went to The Man...I mean Roogaroooooooo. Then I went with my friend on the force, front seat, yup. I enjoy the simplicity of the ride a lot. Always top in my personal book.

It was starting to get a little late in the afternoon so we went up to meet a few others for the dinner buffet.

Afterwards, we got on the Valravn, I never got to this until now. This was my first time so new experience. I liked the drop hold, that was always amusing hearing everyone next to me going, "AAAHHH NOOOO EEEK" and assorted various vocabulary. I tend to be quiet on rides, just enjoying the experience. This ride seemed short, but it threw a nice smooth experience at me. a Pluss in my book.

Then we took a cruise on the Blue Streak. Classic, wooden, and yes I still like this one also.

It was getting late so we went back to the hotel to meet more people who brought their RV, yeah...why am I staying in a hotel again?

IT started off really nice, so I wore shorts, but brought my gamer jacket in (thin) just in case. We arrived in our RV and went in to begin our second day. It was very windy, but I thought it would pass. Noting the wind, many rides were closed, of course Gatekeeper, Valravn to name a few. TTD, yeah we know.

So we did what we could, re-rode some coasters, then it rained and the temps fell...Oh did they fall. I was freezing most of the afternoon. I decided to make my way to MF to get a ride in before it closed. Good timing, I was one of the last trains before they temporarily closed for weather. After that, not much occurred due to the weather, but it stopped and the sun came out, sadly the temps did not rise. We did a few more flat rides, Maverick again and then we made the last ride on MF. Much better since it was not raining.

At the end, we decided to maybe see if ValRavn was running, we all could take up one row and just enjoy! As we got there, it JUST opened so the line was snaked pretty far, we decided to call it, head back to the RV and relax as the park emptied out. It was 7:30 by that time.

Overall it was a great weekend to get out, I never been to Halloweekends there, usually I'm heavily occupied in the fall with work and other duties.


00-03 Kennywood Park
04 Almost Cedar Point - Contracted for Mil Force

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