Cedar Point Removing Good Times Theatre

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Dave, I've not seen it either, but they probably reroute traffic into the marina and then turn right through the parking lot past Famous Daves and Cedars. There is a gate at the end of the parking lot next to Cedars that they open to let traffice out onto the road by the CP&LE RR storage tracks.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
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From the webcam view Tuesday and early yesterday, it looked to be routed through the parking lot by Famous Daves and behind Cedars

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RideMan said:

That space is sure going to look different this year. I visited the park as early as 1972, but I don't *remember* the place without that theater.

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I've thought the same thing and remember the IMAX theatre when it was new. Can't wait to see that opened up area in May. That area (before 1975) was just a big open grassland with trees and the original Super Himalaya ride down from the Marina gate. I'm sure Pete might remember it?

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Yes, I do remember that. I was also surprised to see the Imax theater under construction early in the season. But, I probably missed the announcement. Those were the days where the only information I had on the park, was when I was able to take the special section out of my parents's paper, that CP had in the Plain Dealer in the spring.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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I remember, back in the day, how I excited I would be when I saw the first Cedar Point TV commercial of the year.

It's weird to think how different life was before the Internet. You learned about park announcements when you saw them on TV or read about them in the newspaper... you booked hotel rooms by calling hotels on the phone... likewise car rentals and flights....

That CP advertising section would be delivered with the Sunday paper the week or two before the park opened for the season. It appeared in most major publications in Ohio, I'd get mine in the Columbus Dispatch. It was there I first learned about the new rides debuting that season- Cedar Creek Mine Ride and the Million Dollar Midway being amongst them.

Super Himalaja was in a great location when it first came to the park. It was also a lot faster than it is now, running more like the "super fast" rides you see at the fairs now. A guy I knew that worked there at the time said they burned out a couple of motors running it that way. I don't know about that, but by the time it made its way over to the beach side of the park, by Space Spiral, it had been toned down considerably.


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samosuband said:

From the webcam view Tuesday and early yesterday, it looked to be routed through the parking lot by Famous Daves and behind Cedars

Honestly, I have imagined them eventually rerouting the road something like this if they ever wanted to merge the red dorm property with the rest of the park.

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I vividly remember the Super Himalaja being about where the Camp Snoopy entrance is now, near to the fry stand. It was one of the first rides as a child that I had the nuts to ride. I really had a hard time riding stuff until I was a teenager.

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I was the same way with rides when I was younger, Jeff. Loved to look at them, loved to take pictures of them with the disposable camera my mom would give me, but I wouldn't dare ride anything other than the Jr. Gemini, Frog Hopper, and the annoying motorbike rides in Kiddie Kingdom with the buzzer buttons. I didn't start riding the "BIG" rides until I was about 12 or 13 years old.

With rerouting the road... It is possible that it's only a temporary reroute for all the demolition vehicles needed to take down the theater.

I agree, probably only temporary. More to the point, it shows how well it could be rerouted if that is the final plan. It looks like they could route it down the original road until either right before or right after the administration building and not lose much if any parking for the marina. It would be a large amount of land to reclaim for the park.

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I remember Super Himalaja as being very fast in it's original location. Also, anyone remember Zugspitz? It was a Super Himalaja type ride located in the area of the Gatekeeper sign. I also remember that as being super fast as a kid. Maybe I got a good ride because I was small, but I remember hanging on to that thing because I got airtime going over every hump. Really good, Blue Streak type air, over and over going around that circle. Crazy!

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

For those who haven't seen how the road is rerouted, I managed to get a screen recording of a car taking the new route.

As you can see, there's a bunch of construction vehicles taking up the whole main road along the normal route.

^ Thanks for sharing that, it would be neat to see on the screen where the exit came out to perimeter road.

I hope the park considers this as a permanent plan and expands the Cedars land to be included inside the park. If this does happen, I can't see it being that hard to move the Marina gate a few feet due south toward the bay. Guess we'll find out...

The main theatre looks like it's ready to go down https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/live-video-cam/camera-1

Frito Joe

Today on Twitter Jason McClure seemed to imply that Cedars is staying put for this season:


"Thank the Phoenicians!"

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Strikes me as more of an "I know and I'm not saying" response...

Seems pretty definitive to me.

_HannahSchaefer is cedars (the employee housing) being closed down before this season?
JasonMcClureCP Is this a hope so, or hope not question?

_HannahSchaefer "a hope not" question
JasonMcClureCP Ahhhhh. Then you will be happy.

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Right, it's not being closed down, it's being TORN down! ;)

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Rugrats2001 said:

djDaemon said:

That they are essentailly wiping the slate clean on such a large amount of land is the most exciting change during my lifetime, in my opinion. Lots of possibilities.

I agree. Cedars WILL fall, along with its parking area. I believe Turnpike Cars will follow, along with the Dodge-Ems. Calypso should be moved to the new Gemini Midway and be restored, it would fit in perfectly! The road will be shifted, and the sky is the limit on possibilities. New midway, new coasters, dark ride, age and weight guess booths, lockers, vending machines, Basketball winning games, the works! Plus, hardly any trees to remove!

Seriously though, it opens up great possibilities, starting 2 or 3 years down the road.

But PLEASE, do NOT put an open air venue along the lake! It would be completely useless on early and late season days, and the view of the lake is a distraction from the shows, not an enhancement. I know the people who live inland are enamored by the view of water, but this is right next door to a working marina. Plus, if you extend the park all the way to the lake, where exactly would the road be relocated to?

Please I hope they do not remove Dodge-ems or calypso! Dodge-ems are one od the few rides that families can ride together. Big no-no on that one. Also, the park has enough basketball games, 3 actually. I hope they dont put another one in......

The main part of the IMAX screen and building are being torn apart right now. Pretty neat but a little sad to see: https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/live-video-cam/camera-1

Check it out!!

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