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I visited Cedar Point yesterday for the first time this year, and it appears that they have gotten A LOT more strict on the locker procedure for rides. As I recall from not just last year, but from years past, you were allowed to bring drawstring bags, water bottles, glasses, phones, etc onto the ride, and place the items in a bin. Every roller coaster I attempted to ride yesterday, I was immediately stopped and harshly told that "loose articles aren't allowed on the ride. Go rent a locker" from the employee at the front of the line.

The first roller coaster I rode was the Rougarou, and my friend was immediately told to rent a locker for her gym bag which contained chapstick, sunglasses, and a phone charger. I asked the person "Isn't there bins up there for our stuff...?" and the employee said "No, not anymore". We got up to the platform after stashing the gym bag behind a trash can. I got up to the platform, and saw a bin strictly for "shoes". I did not want my glasses to fly off on the ride, so as I went to put my glasses on an open shelf, I was yelled at. I was forced to hold onto my glasses the entire ride, which prevented me from enjoying the new "roller coaster experience". I saw many other people turned away from the Rougarou, even people with the souvenir cups. People spend $15 a cup and they can't even take it on a ride?

My friend and I were also turned away from riding the Gatekeeper with the gym bag. As we went to put it by the Gatekeeper sign so we could be allowed to ride, a park janitor threatened to throw it away. On the Gatekeeper, I KNOW they have spacious bins, so why can't we use them? What's the point of bins on any roller coaster if they don't allow you to use them?

I am very appalled by this dramatic change in ride procedure. To me, it's a sad attempt for Cedar Point to earn more money. It has honestly changed my feelings of enjoyment when at the park. I already spend way more than I should at Cedar Point for parking, food, etc. I am not going to pay for a locker, when I am supposed to be able to store my items for free at the platform.

So if anyone goes to Cedar Point this season, don't bring anything. Otherwise, you're going to be forced to get a locker. I don't mean to hate on Cedar Point, but this is pretty ridiculous...

We got up to the platform after stashing the gym bag behind a trash can. I got up to the platform, and saw a bin strictly for "shoes". I did not want my glasses to fly off on the ride, so as I went to put my glasses on an open shelf, I was yelled at.

When I was at the park a couple weeks ago I noticed them yelling at people for that too. I took off my shoes and snuck my glasses in my shoes and it worked like a charm.

So only carry what you need, and are able to carry in a pair of cargo shorts. As for the glasses, stop by a gift shop and get the glasses strap that slips over the ends of the glasses. I bought one last year, and it survived a pretty good summer of roller coaster riding. 8 Cedar Point trips, and 4 days at Kings Island, plus the respective water parks. You can adjust the tightness to your head as you get on the ride, and loosen it upon exiting. Again, it worked very well for me. The only ride on which I removed my glasses was Firehawk at Kings Island, and that was me just being paranoid. As the adult male in our family, I frequently end up carrying 3 phones, a charger, 2 pair of sunglasses, lip balm, my wallet, plus my hat. It all fits in my pockets, and does not prevent me from riding anything.

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Chapstick, sunglasses and a phone charger fit in a pocket. Why do you need a bag? You said you got turned away at every coaster... but only name Rougarou and GateKeeper? Wear a glasses strap like many who wear glasses and you can enjoy the "new coaster experience". Rides like MF and TTD have never had a bin for loose articles in years past. The only new policy this year is Rougarou's loose article bins being removed. GateKeeper has generally been strict since its opening in only allowing shoes in their bins. Magnum's bins were removed last year and I definitely noticed an increase in capacity following their removal. Cedar Point doesn't owe you free storage for all your stuff... You have a car for that. It has nothing to do with making money.

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Chapstick, sunglasses, and a phone charger? In a GYM bag? Those three items do not need a gym bag!

Get a fanny pack. They work great for small items like phone, glasses and wallets

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The bins really hurt efficiency and cause chaos on the loading platform while people store their stuff. I don't think this is a money grab, it is for capacity.

We've discussed this in another thread, but some people carry stuff like they are going on safari. CP is more fun in my opinion if you carry the bare minimum to get by, instead of lugging a ton of stuff around all day.

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CoasterGuy15 said:

I am not going to pay for a locker, when I am supposed to be able to store my items for free at the platform.

Looks like you have some serious life decisions to make.

My advice? Have a baby! They let us bring anything and everything in that baby-jogger, including a 3-course meal and no one ever takes a peek.

Seriously, chapstick?

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CoasterGuy15 said:

I am not going to pay for a locker, when I am supposed to be able to store my items for free at the platform.

The park is a private business. Frankly: what you are supposed to do with your loose items is whatever the park tells you to do with your loose items.

...sorry, but "I am supposed to... store my items for free" just reeks of entitlement.

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I have been all over the map on the bin thing... I get that it's a pain to rent a locker for your stuff (like drink bottles), but it the bins also make loading slooooooowwww...

The lockers aren't that expensive. I just think they should have a consistent policy (no bins on any ride) to eliminate confusion amongst the guests.

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I second having a baby. Or invite someone along who has a baby or stroller age kid. Honestly, you can bring so much crap inside and not have to go out to the car for your sweatshirt or something later in the day, and it's safely looked after all day with the child. Plus parent swap lets someone else ride again. It's a win-win.
But I am gonna be annoyed when I have to hold onto my sunglasses on Rougarou unless I can sneak them in my shoe too. However, that's also my fault because I refuse to get a strap for sunglasses so....

I really was a fan of Universal's lockers when I vacationed there early Spring. they are free as long as you retrieve your stuff before the allotted time.

I only wished their policy didn't cover cellphones. who is going to purposely throw their >$400 phone on purpose? I even had zipper cargo shorts and got turned away once when I thought I could get through (and had previously), but I didn't make a scene and obliged so that I could ride.

I really do think Cedar Point should consider the free loose article locker policy, but forget the metal detectors. if you market them as free people will use them without the force.

You have to carry your phone charger? What's so important that you have to drain and recharge your phone? Give the phone a break. Put it in your pocket and forget it, or better yet, leave it in the car.

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But, but... how can I let everyone I know know what I'm doing while I'm doing what I'm doing if I can't use my phone to tell them what I'm doing what I'm doing when I'm doing what I'm doing?

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Sorry, but I read the entire OP as "Waaaaaah". Seriously. If you need to carry an entire EMT kit, cosmetic gear, etc. around with you, perhaps you should choose to spend your time somewhere else. The elimination of the bins on every ride has been shown to be a benefit to customers as it dramatically improves the dispatch times.

Also aggravating: I get that someone may be caught by surprise by being told that they cannot carry their bag on at the front of the line. But step to the side while you argue with/seek clarification from the employee at the head of the queue. Many people are lining up behind you trying to ride while you are having your little temper tantrum.

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Noggin we quoted the exact same bit back to back.


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The most recent times I've gone to Cedar Point I've literally just had my wallet, chapstick, and car keys in a snap pocket or in a cargo pocket depending on where the restraint's gonna come down (learned after having my keys jammed into my thighs on Magnum a few times).

Granted, I've lately really started loathing cell phones (and I'm supposedly in the group that's supposed to be adoring them and selfie-ing out the butt), but leave the stupid thing in the car and notice how much more you enjoy it without having to constantly Instagram or Snapchat everything.

The entrance to Magnum looked like someone had emptied out a tour bus when I was there at the beginning of the month, to the point they apparently had a security guard standing there just to watch over the sheer number of drawstring bags and whatnot.

It's unavoidable. IMO, the only way to slowly condition people that they don't need to bring so much crap into the park with them is just to completely do away with the bins aside from any ride that could have flyaway shoes, possibly. Forcing the situation is the only way it'll change behavior.

Or they could provide banks of a couple dozen free/cheap lockers at each ride.

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Just a quick tip that I have successfully used on every ride that only has bins for shoes. You can fit just about anything that fits in your pocket into your shoes so before loading put your phone, wallet, charger if you really need it, and anything else into your shoes then in the bin. I have yet to be questioned on Gatekeeper and Rougarou. As for the other no bin rides, if you wear high socks, you can always place your small personal items in them.

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I actually hope that Universal's locker system spreads and is picked up by Cedar Fair. As mentioned above, it shouldn't be as strict with the banning of cell phones or metal detectors at the entrance but it seems like a method that works very well for them.

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