Cedar Point Beach/Boardwalk Expansion (2018)

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^^^I never realized when I was younger that you could use the beach if you weren't staying at the hotels of course back then I got to spend one maybe two days at the park tops per year so I had no interest in the beach when I could do that for free closer to home. It never occurred to me to spend time on the CP beach until I got my first season pass.

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Which sort of brings the building full circle. Although the Sand Bar will be much, much nicer I'm sure, the building was originally built as a food stand. I remember many times as a kid getting a BBQ beef sandwich or hot dog at the food stand.

I am not sure how old the building was at this time, but here is a picture of the building taken by my parents in 1981. It says "Polynesian Hut" on it and what looks to be a food menu board.

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Had plenty of good times in the Polynesian Hut. It was food stand at one time that eventually turned into a lifeguard station for the beach & pool guards. Not sure when that happened or the timeframe of when the building was originally built but you can see it in this picture from 1969. It is definitely an old building but I can't say for sure just how long its been around. I am just glad to see them using it again for something other than storage and a break room.

The expanded Boardwalk looks great. There is no walkway to the parking lot boardwalk entrance besides walking through the parking lot itself. It seems like they should have at least painted a walkway on the blacktop to direct people where to walk to get to the entrance. I love that everything is consistent throughout the boardwalk ... they used all the same materials as the existing boardwalk. The sandbar looks really nice too!

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Wow! That looks amazing! The gazebo and Sand Bar area is phenomenal. I can't wait to grab a drink there this summer.

Thanks for posting those photos. It really looks nice.

Awesome. I can't wait to use this next month. I really think this was a great idea.

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I was hoping for a wooden boardwalk with the odd coloured plank here & there...

Practicality? Is that some new romcom?

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Me too. How can you have a boardwalk without the boards? :( Oh, well. It still looks great, very pretty.

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‘Cementwalk’ doesn’t sound as romantic.

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I'm kind of surprised that they didn't use some of the formed and colored concrete, even as an accent, the way they did in the area around Wicked Twister and Giant Wheel. No idea how much extra that costs, but it would have been a nice touch.

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It looks nice don’t get me wrong, but I agree, it doesn’t look like a boardwalk. More like a sidewalk.

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The boardwalk already there looks like a sidewalk so at least they match I guess. I didn't get the chance to see it yesterday because of the rain.

Looks really nice. Just needs some nice seating along the way.

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How far up the peninsula does it go? All the way to SS' former site?


Oh man, that Sand Bar is going to be fantastic at night (hopefully it stays open kinda late.)

Beware of the birds nests. I almost got attacked by a couple of seaguls because they had their eggs on top of some posts on the boardwalk. Scared the crap out of me.

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Forgot to mention, I DID finally check out the newer section of the boardwalk this past Friday. It looks identical to the section by Breakers and the park did a great job of matching and expanding it. The new entrance sign, by Gatekeepers first dive loop and preferred parking, is a nice touch but I think more could be done to promote the entrance from the Main parking lot, especially when CP Shores opens up.

I believe if the new Fire and Ice show does replace the AWE stadium, the Beach exit by Windseeker , with the newly expanded boardwalk leading up to the main lot, will most definitely come into handy at the end of the night. It might also be a relief not treking through along the main midway, through the park, like we always had to do at the end of Luminosity. Just my 2c.

BTW, very weird seeing WT and GK from the opposite side of the park for the first time.

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I agree. I think they need to paint a walkway on the parking lot that leads directly to the main gate area, and probably an additional archway sign similar to the one currently used near the ticket booths allowing people walking to the main gate to see this entrance.

I thought the blue walking lines in the parking lot that lead right to the boardwalk entrance were purposefully painted so people would walk on it right to the boardwalk entrance :)

With that said, I do agree that there should be another archway over by the main entrance that people can see. They can do something in that area considering employees now park in the South Basin lot and not in front of Gatekeeper anymore it seems.

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