Cedar Point Beach/Boardwalk Expansion (2018)

Hey guys! I’m kind-of new around here so I just wanted to start off by asking if anyone knows the current status of the beach/boardwalk area that is currently being expanded upon?

I know that Steel Vengeance is the main focus this upcoming season (as it should be), but I just wanted to ask if any of you enthusiasts have an answer!


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I haven’t seen any information in quite awhile about it. Assume no news is good news.

If you look at the webcam pointed toward the Giant Wheel, it does appear (unless I'm misinterpreting) that sidewalk has been poured around and beyond Wicked Twister.

At Winter Chillout, Tony briefly presented a slide that showed an arched "entrance" to the boardwalk from the main parking lot, i.e. such that it would be clearly visible.

They have updated their Guest Assistance Guide which includes an updated map at the end. Also shows the expanded boardwalk, along with the Steel Vengeance cartoony depiction.

Did they mention where Sand Bar would be located at WCO? It is listed as a restaurant on the Breakers page, but not elsewhere. I assume it is going to be the building that is already there, in front of Friday's.

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Noticed in the guest guide... Steel Vengeance is so extreme, it can't even be rated in the thrill rating system.

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tedders55 said:

Did they mention where Sand Bar would be located at WCO? It is listed as a restaurant on the Breakers page, but not elsewhere. I assume it is going to be the building that is already there, in front of Friday's.

The Beach Bar will be located out in front of Breakers in the old lifeguard building.

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Which sort of brings the building full circle. Although the Sand Bar will be much, much nicer I'm sure, the building was originally built as a food stand. I remember many times as a kid getting a BBQ beef sandwich or hot dog at the food stand.

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Thats actually a really good idea to utilize that building, it will alleviate some of the pressure on the small Surf Lounge bar service. Making it more enjoyable for guests at Surf Lounge and outside to be served in a more timely manner. This will also help with the additional poolside service that will be needed at the new pool expansion as well.

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We’re talking about the Beach Shack building, correct?

I’m very excited for that new boardwalk and to see how the Wicked Twister midway will be in terms of foot traffic. That corner is often forgot about.

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I am curious what the long term plan is for the location held by the stadium. Looking at the webcam, that is a very large piece of land. I am sure they will find a way to tie it into the boardwalk.

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Following up on Maverick00's post the old stadium parcel is a large piece of land and it's all concrete! That's going to be an intense and hot place to be this summer, if they don't incorporate some greenery and shade. Also, I was surprised to notice the amount of traffic driving up and down the causeway, during the afternoon. There are a lot of cars!

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It appears that part of the old stadium space will be the stage for the new Fire & Ice nighttime performances:


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There is a small change I noticed, I believe the beach used to be open to the public, not having to be a CP customer in anyway. It now appears that has changed to a CP customer of some type.

From: https://www.cedarpoint.com/play/fun-on-the-water/the-cedar-point-beach

Best of all, the beach is available to all Cedar Point Amusement Park, Cedar Point Shores Water Park, Cedar Point Resorts guests and Season and Platinum Passholders.

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Or anyone else I’d reckon. I mean, what’s to stop you? Pay to park and just go there.

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I remember that at one time it was possible to get a season parking pass without a season pass to the park. Locals would buy it for access to the beach.

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Was that when they would put a parking sticker on your car? I remember those days and it was aggravating if you typically drove more than one vehicle to the park.

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That was a pain having a parking sticker on one car, especially if you wanted to take a different vehicle. However, the parking was only $5 or $6 back then so if we had to we would just pay that. Then things got easier around 2001 I believe when the Joe Cool club started and you had the option to put your parking pass on your season pass.

^ I think the reason they post that the beach is included in admission is that actually many people who go to Cedar Point believe that the beach is only for resort guests.

I had some friends meet me at the park and we went and swam in Lake Erie and they had never known they were allowed access to the beach.

We had our parking sticker put on a piece of hard plastic so we could move it from car to car. And CP furnished the hard plastic.

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I think I'd be surprised if they brought back a season long "parking only" pass, just because on hot days, that could be a lot of valuable parking spots being used for people who are simply going to the beach. Those spots are better utilized from a business standpoint by park-goers.

Potentially they could look into opening it up, but only allowing certain amounts of "parking only" cars based on the day of the week or something.

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