Cedar Point 2023

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Welp I guess that's what I get for reading too fast. I stand corrected.

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So, sometime around 10:00.

It's like Christmas Eve...

Promoter of fog.

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Something for everyone does sound like a pavilion, and then maybe a ride and a compact coaster. At least to me, it does.

Kevinj said:

So, sometime around 10:00. It's like Christmas Eve...

Your kids waited until 10:00 to get you up on Christmas?

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Announcement happening at 10.



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Keep an eye on this page.

Edit: The full page is up now!

Already some interesting notes in the source code...

"The Boardwalk joins Cedar Point as an entirely new area of the park, with new rides, dining, entertainment and more, opening in 2023! Plan your visit today!"

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Looks like Matterhorn and Scrambler are moving over, can't tell if that's another small ride behind the Matterhorn or just part of the station for the new coaster. If they can landscape it remotely as good as the concept art it'll be an awesome addition.

That kind of implies they've got something planned for the corner where Matterhorn and Scrambler are presently, which aside from a few coats of paint hasn't really been touched in forever. Hopefully it's something other than walling it off to increase the backstage area like they did with the side midway behind Toft's and Park Plaza.

I'm happy that Scrambler and Matterhorn are moving over, as they always feel lost in their present spots. Was just hoping for a Zamperla Nebulaz though...soemthing brand new and exciting. Very surprised about a Wild Mouse and the capacity issues. Is this a spinning one that the rendering seems to show, or is it really the relocated Psycho Mouse from CGA?

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This is a spinning mouse. The description confirms it.

Nice. It's going to have obvious capacity issues, but will look really good on the boardwalk. Should be a fun and thrilling ride for families.

The 2023 passes are up now too, and gold ($99) officially doesn't include early entry.

I’m underwhelmed by the announcement but I agree it will look nice once completed. And no I wasn’t expecting a record breaking coaster but the severely outdated kids area just to the south of that area could have used a refresh.

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New passes are also on sale but no mention or option to upgrade to either prestige pass.

Yep, I am underwhelmed as well, but I will also admit that this is going to look really nice, open up the lake views, and appeal to an audience that does not want record heights. It will be a lot of fun hanging out on the boardwalk at night. Plus, let's face it, the pandemic has hit the entire amusement park industry really hard for new attractions, and the price of steel and wood. Cedar Point is one of only four Cedar Fair parks getting a new ride, with only Worlds of Fun getting an adult coaster (long overdo). I am very impressed with Carowinds new flat ride section and theming. I would love Cedar Point getting a similar section in 2024 if the pandemic effects continue. This could be the more immediate future at parks.

mgou58 said:

...but the severely outdated kids area just to the south of that area could have used a refresh.

I would guess that will be next year.

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I've been assuming they're going to redo that tired area "next year" for several years now. It really is becoming an eyesore with all of the other improvements everywhere.


Well no ERT for Gold pretty much ensures I won’t buy another CP pass.

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Kiddy Kingdom needs updating badly, but this design for the new area is exactly what was needed.

Bringing more family attractions into the area with both KK and Planet Snoopy right there and beach access is a huge win.

And this opens up more space around Corkscrew for either a new restaurant or bigger flat ride.

I love these moves all around, even though a spinning coaster isn't exactly what I would've expected.

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Honestly, I couldn't care less that they removed ERT for Gold passes. ERT has been a mess for the last few seasons anyways. Every time I've used it the ERT rides never open before 9:30AM. I'm more in the camp of arrive around 2pm and stay until park close type anyways.

Same here. The only time I use ERT is if I’m actually staying in Sandusky at surrounding area. And even then, the “E” in ERT is just that…EARLY!

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