Can't find any roommates

I am moving in on the 29th. I have been trying for a month to find roommates. I am living in a quad, and have sent at least 30 messages on the Associate Life portal and have not received any responses. I have tried posting on the 2019 employee Facebook page, but my posts have not been approved. It looks like I am going to be moving into a quad with completely random roommates. How screwed am I? What should I do?

Just go with it, keep an open mind, and relax.

I knew (through FB messages) the one guy I was rooming with, but being in one of the Commons Apartments meant there were 4 other rooms of people I did NOT know. Can't be closed minded at CP for work, people from all walks of life get hired.

Some people have made life long friends with strangers they shared a room with at college or CP. Good luck and have a summer of fun.

Problem is, I am worried that I will be with people who aren't my age. I am a college student and am fine with random assignments, but I would like to be with people who I could potentially be friend with (other college age students).

Your roommates will likely be college age, that is the majority of the people who live in housing.

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