Canadian dinosaurs facing extinction

Dinos at Dorney confirmed leaving at end of the season. 2 of the expected 4 extinction in 2018 confirmed. Just waiting on CP and KD.

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With 2019 season passes now on sale, there are no references on the season pass website to Dinosaurs Alive being a benefit of buying a pass like there was yesterday (according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine) for a 2018 Platinum Pass.

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We rode Millenium Force last Sunday morning & noticed that all the dinosaurs we usually below are gone......escaped! By the way, MF was cranking out 3 trains efficiently, lift-hill seemed fast.

Noticed the dinos were gone Sunday, too. And yes, MF was cranking 3 trains. I did notice the lift never kicked into high gear. Also when we drove past on Perimeter Road on Saturday, it only looked to be running 2 trains.


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