Canadian dinosaurs facing extinction

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Dinosaurs Alive at Canada's Wonderland is closing October 28, 2018. Is this a regional extinction event, or will there be casualties in the United States as well?

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I expect they will stay in the other parks till it get's too expensive to maintain or the land is wanted for a future expansion. Till then it's an easy way to bring in some extra money (that Gift Shop usually does pretty good) and gets guests off the midway.

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I think that 7 year lease rumor looks more and more legit each time one of these goes away after 7 years.


7 or 6 year? I've read 6.

The leases are up and Dinos were really a bust at the parks after 1 or 2 years. Look for the other 2012 Dinos to go this year, which besides Wonderland were .Dorney, Cedar Point and Kings Dominion. The new spaces are lining up nicely. for use in the next few years for predicted coasters. CP Dinos area could be used for part of 2020 coaster with removal of Snake River Falls. Dorney's Dino area adjoins the space of their Boomerang removal 2020 coaster. The 2013 Dinos were at Carowinds, Valley Fair ad WOF and will likely be gone end of 2019

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bust after 2 years. Figure, it was only a $1million project to begin with (not including the concrete poured and trees that needed to be removed). They made their money back in the first season and then some with the original $5 fee to go through it. But I will say that the hype has diminished, and considering the removal of the dinosaur at the front gate, I see it leaving very shortly.

We also had noticed this season that the T-Rex out from was missing. The giant beach-chair/lounger is there, but, Rex is missing.

Last year we took a 4 year old on his first trip, he liked seeing the dino at the door.

The Dinosaurs are walking out, but Snake River Falls is gonna still be there. Are the A. Cars going to be taking out. In 2 years there is something being made in that area. I can't wait to see it.

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I hope SRF stays, but I'm not terribly confident that it will. As always, it comes down to cost per rider, though water rides presumably get special consideration since they're unique.

And I don't see why Antique Cars would go away. Opening up that plot of land for a major ride would destroy the "town square" ambiance they have going. Not to mention that It's not a particularly big area.


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I have been one of the loudest voices clamoring for more family attractions, but I have been waiting for the dinos' exit since the day they came.

Funny...there is only one ride at Cedar Point that I have never been on, and that is Snake River Falls. I guess it's safe to say that I am rather indifferent about its future. Now had they built the mountain that was planned, this would be a different story...

And I totally agree with Brandon. If you were going to remove one of the car rides, why would you remove the one that is actually integrated into the one themed area of the park?

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djDaemon said:

And I don't see why Antique Cars would go away. Opening up that plot of land for a major ride would destroy the "town square" ambiance they have going. Not to mention that It's not a particularly big area.

I always thought of this area paying homage to many Northeastern Ohio towns across the Western Reserve that feature similar central square characteristics.

I don’t know why everyone thinks SRF has to go to make a coaster work on the island. The station can easily be placed in either the former paddlewheel station with the track going over the lagoon or on the other side between Millennium’s camelback hills and Fronteir Fling, currently just a back stage area, again with the lift hill going over the lagoon.

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I took a walk through Dinosaurs Alive yesterday, looking for anything to indicate an extinction, and did not spot anything out of the norm. As previously stated here before, there is some red utility survey markings that appeared in the area around Witches Wheel, that run across the midway, and go towards the path that leads to Dinos Alive. Could be nothing in relation though.

If the Dinosaurs are going away after this season, or anything else for that matter, we will probably hear about it within the next month or two.

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^DRE420, when on Millenium Force you can see a few dinosaurs that are "disabled". There is a group of three in particular that are set back from the viewing area in the brush that are definitely not on display at this time. I don't know if that means extinction in the near future or just lack of repair.

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It likely indicates both.


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From our experience, many of the disheveled-looking Dinos at Cedar Point have been "disabled" for years, even when on display.

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Yep. And on our most recent walk through this year, they weren't even charging admission (though that may have been the case last year - we didn't go). Though they apparently tried to mitigate that somewhat by making you not only exit through the gift shop, but enter through it as well.


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You are supposed to pay admission to the cashier in the gift shop.

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Whoops. I looked, but saw no signage indicating that. Nor did anyone stop us as we very leisurely strolled into, around, and out of the gift shop toward the attraction.


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You need the make the park Whole again.

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