California's Great Adventure - Rides that could be relocated

Jake10 said:

Maybe CP will scrap the pavilion idea given the new information. ...

Nah... The status of Great America would have been known to enough of the "higher ups" at Cedar Fair that any potential ride relocation would have been taken into account when planning the Lakeside Midway improvements. The Pavilion isn't going anywhere.

EDIT: Also, while I still think there will be a coaster in the Oceana/Stadium space next to the Pavilion, I doubt it would be the Railblazer. Mainly due to timing. It would have to close VERY soon in order to take it down and relocate it to CP by the start of next season. It could end up coming to the Point (although valid concerns have been brought up on its capacity) or to another Cedar Fair park, but not that quickly.

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Ya know, improvements to that area could be on a 5 year plan for all we know, with the pavilion being the first to go up.

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I agree, and highly doubt it's as simple as a one-offseason upgrade. I think that part of the park is going to get the same degree of attention that Frontier Town has gotten over the past few years.

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How are the restrooms at GA?
Maybe they'll gift us a pair.

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Amen Uncle Steve

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

And nobody caught the fact that the parks name is "California Great America", California Adventure is about an eight hour drive south in Anaheim

If I had to guess with coasters get relocated to other CF parks Railblazer, Flight Deck, Vortex, Lucy's Crabbie Caddy! Plus CGA invested alot in the new Waterpark expansion I could see some of those slides come to CP Shores and other CF parks or water parks!

The one I would hate to see them scrap would be GoldStriker!


A New Point of View said:

…Anyway, I doubt CP gets anything from CGA due to distance. All of the Geauga coasters relocated to other Cedar Fair parks went no further distance than Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Virginia.

True…but Firefall at Great America was once Geauga Lake’s Top Spin (Texas Twister).

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