California's Great Adventure - Rides that could be relocated

Cedar Fair announced today that they are selling the land on which Great Adventure is located, but have an agreement to lease it back for up to 11 years before the park is redeveloped by Prologis.

Obviously, 11 years is quite a lengthy period for transition, but what rides do you think could be relocated to Cedar Point or other Cedar Fair parks?

In terms of Coasters, I think Railblazer and Psycho Mouse could fill gaps in Cedar Point's lineup, but the other coasters seem to be either too similar to existing CP coasters, or too difficult to relocate (I'm assuming the cost to relocate/rebuild a wooden coaster are not that much cheaper than just building from scratch... but I could be wrong there)

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I would guess to say that zero will be re-located to Cedar Point. I know that Cedar Downs came from Euclid Beach. I am fairly certain that most if not all the other rides in the park were not brought in from other amusement parks, but rather original to CP. I may be wrong as I do not have Ken's book near me at this time. For instance, I am not certain about some of the Kiddie rides or flats such as Super Himalaya, Matterhorn, Scrambler, Tiki-Twirl.

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All of Planet Snoopy rides came from Geauga Lake.

Never say never, but I think it’s a little too soon to speculate what will go where.

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You mean they won’t just close it quietly after the season ends so we can’t get out last rides?

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Does California's Great Adventure have a Sky Ride? They could use it for parts for Cedar Point's Sky Ride to allow it to run more often.

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GoBucks89 said:

Does California's Great Adventure have a Sky Ride? They could use it for parts for Cedar Point's Sky Ride to allow it to run more often.

I definitely though this comment would have come from a certain someone who loves to post about skyride

First ride; Magnum 1994

It seems really odd for CF to lease the land back for 11 years. If they owned it now, why not just sell it in 11 years?

Will they really keep a doomed amusement park operating for 11 years? There will be no capital improvements, very little spent on maintenance, and so on.

What's the point?

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The company needs the cash now to assist with a variety of items highlighted in the press release. Additionally, the article states the company has up to 11 years - most are speculating the park has 3-5 years left before it closes.

It will probably start looking like Geauga Lake towards the end... rides being relocated with nothing to fill those gaps.

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Of the carnival-style, portable flats, Monster is the only one I can think of that was likely purchased brand new. Oh, Witches Wheel and Chaos probably were too, but they were ground-mounted. (And both are gone now anyway.) But I was always under the impression the flat rides of the 70’s were brokered and while in good condition, originated at other parks.

It will probably start looking like Geauga Lake towards the end... rides being relocated with nothing to fill those gaps.

There's always Cornhole. Oh, and a giant chess board. :)

Send them all to Michigan's Adventure.

Unless that's on the chopping block, too.

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Not a chance.

The question is, what unlucky park is going to get stuck with the Grizzly?

I want them to send the Bayern Kurves* to Ohio.

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Wouldn't mind putting the double decker carousel somewhere in the park. Not many of those left!

My idea posted to CoasterBuzz was to take the Columbia Carousel, fix it up (it’s not in the best shape) and put it as a centerpiece on Dorney’s entrance mall. Then take their existing ride, move it back to Cedar Point and re-install it as the Frontier Carousel in the original building (which is still standing), returning it to its rightful place. After all these years it’s still irks me that they moved it to Dorney anyway.
If your going to concern yourself with proximity you’re left with Gilroy and Knott’s to take all the rides.

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That would actually be really fitting for the work they've been doing in frontier town I think. Bringing back the carousel to round out that area and then work on others. It would definitely fill something that seems off to me back there.

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I would love to see the double decker carousel come to Cedar Point, and there are couple kids rides, like The Pumpkin Patch, that would look good in Camp Snoppy or Planet Snoopy. Railblazer and Psycho Mouse would have capacity issues. Send Railblazer to Michigan's Adventure, Flight Deck to Valleyfair and Psycho Mouse to whatever smaller park needs a mouse coaster (most non-Ohio parks have one though). The other coasters can be scrapped either because of age, or wooden coasters not relocated easily.

Ask Dick Knobel about moving wood coasters. It's labor intensive, but it was done during the era before the Second World War. PTC especially would lease rides to parks as a package deal (Carousels, Old Mills and Roller Coasters). If the lease wasn't renewed for what ever reason, they would dismantle everything and either move it to another location, or store them until one could be found.

Maybe CP will scrap the pavilion idea given the new information. Railblazer would easily fit in that plot of land with another flat ride or 2 perhaps.

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12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
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Scrap the pavilion---My laugh for the day!

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