Kevinj said:
Just for clarification, Skydiver is talking about someone who tries to sneak in before the general public opening (10:00 AM) when they are not a resort guest or pass-holder.

Thank you! If they let 1 trespasser in, why not a hundred, or a thousand?

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They check for platinum pass or resort credentials. It's being enforced well. It's pretty hard to get through they have the entire path roped off and it's being watched. I don't think any "trespassers" are getting through.

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In previous years, they rarely enforced it during our annual early-/mid-June visits. They were enforcing it this year, but we pushed our visit to the third week in June, so maybe they enforce it more as the days get busier.


I think the process and/or training has just gotten better in the last year or two. I too saw no enforcement at all a couple of years ago, but this year has been consistent on that front for every visit I've made.

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Brandon's experience was routinely ours until this past season as others have noted. Even on our late-May early June visit there was a major checkpoint even after the resort entrance.

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That is great to hear. I realize that it's not that busy at that time of year, so a few "GP" mingling among ERT guests wasn't a huge deal. But the primary reason we go early in the season is specifically to enjoy the low crowds and walk-on ERT in the morning.


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jimmyburke said:

It wasn't a cheat attempt. It was an attempt to find out for myself what the policy was, since I wasn't clear whether they counted the meals "per visit", that is to say that we had a morning "visit" to the amusement park and an afternoon "visit" to the water park. After all, the "visit" counter on the screen gave one number (36) for the former and a separate number (1) for the latter. I was fully aware of the 4 hour requirement between meals, I simply presented my pass and when told that not enough time had elapsed I had my answer. I said thank you and came back later.

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I would be interested to see someone try to 'violate' the four hour wait time restriction by getting a "to go" meal at Cedar Point on the way out and then trying to get inside the gate at Kings Island to buy a second meal before the four hour window closes. Anyone up for the challenge?

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