Brought a first timer Friday for son's Bday "party"

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It is really fun taking a first timer to CP.

My youngest turned 12 last week and said he wanted to bring a friend to CP for his BDay "party". My wife hasn't been able to attend any parks this year as she is dealing with therapy on a messed up ankle, so it was just me with three boys. Turns out the last time this friend was at an amusement park was KI two years ago and most of the was at SC. He seems a tad shorter than average and said he was two short for most of the big rides but was able to ride Vortex several times. His parents have a ski boat in the driveway so that's probably where most of their entertainment budget drops. So glad I don't have a boat anymore, miss sailing but not all the inevitable injuries. :)

He was really funny because after each coaster he was like "Wow, that is my new favorite ride!" We managed two laps around the park so he got a second ride on all the big coasters except Gemini and Magnum that each went down right when we walked up. We skipped Blue Streak, Mine Train, Corkscrew and WT. He wasn't interested in most of the flats but my son talked him onto MaxAir, Witch's Wheel and Skyride. Will send him all the FunPix so he has a memento.

Had some important paperwork fly out of my pocket on Maverick but was easily replaced at Town Hall, first time that happened. Thinking about having a pocket deepened and another zipper added on my favorite shorts to accommodate. The GS Associate and I were talking about all the people that expect CP to shut the rides down when they loose stuff and said you be amazed at the number of lost phones everyday. She told me maintance can open your car if loose your keys so probably not a bad idea to have a spare key in your vehicle just in case. Should probably have a loop stitched into one of the zippered pockets as well to attach the car key to as well.

Frontier Inn still hasn't fixed their ordering kiosks to accept the meal plan. It asks to scan my pass but still wants to charge me $17. The ones at Coaster's worked for me last visit.

At around 11:30 Raptor had an 1 1/2 posted wait and looking the que that was about right, I have never seen it so packed. Lol. Wanted to shout at them, "Are you crazy? Come back in two hours and it will at most be 10 minutes."

Shout out to management for having nearly every Freestyle and Refresh stand open. Something KI is very, very stingy with.

We parked right behind the security tower but why is it that once you get past the security gate on your way out your feet start hurting 10 times worse and that 150 yard walk to the car seems longer than a Gatekeeper to Maverick trek? Every time.

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I find myself always getting that much more excited and hyped up to go to CP when it is with a first timer or a "few and far between-timer". We got to take daughter and her Florida boyfriend over one Sunday last month which was his first time. In August, some friends from Boston are coming. The parents are displaced Clevelanders, but the kids have always known Boston as home. They were here two years ago when the oldest boy spent his 10th birthday at the park. He rode many of the big rides on his birthday for the very first time and sounds a lot like your son's friend who declared each ride to be his favorite! He chickened out on MF when we got close to the station and then regretted it later. I know he is looking forward to riding it as a 12 year old. I am excited for him and to show him and his family the progress on MS2.

Proud to have fathered a second generation coaster enthusiast destined to keep me young at heart and riding coasters with a willing partner into my golden years!

My son and I are taking a first time family to CP at the end of summer. Too bad we can't all fit in one car; one of my favorite things is the look on people's face when they see that CP skyline from the causeway for the first time.


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