Breakers Express and other Cedar Point questions

You would think that because I love Cedar Point a lot that I would know everything, but guess what...when some experiences change, I began questioning. We used to go to the Hotel Breakers, but now that the prices have gone way up, this is the first time I won't be staying. Instead, we made reservations to the Breakers Express. I have done some homework. There is the outdoor pool (shaped like Snoopy), and a whirlpool. It's a short distance from McDonald's and Castaway Bay (in case I'm in need of a plan B due to many thunderstorms). We do get parking passes, thankfully. So now comes the questions:

1. What's a whirlpool?
2. How far is that Dairy Queen from Breakers Express?
3. This is the first time I'll be using the main entrance ever. We we park in the parking lot, is there shuttles that takes you to the entrance or do we walk? I know about no shuttle service from Breakers Express to the park.
4. If we need to do Castaway Bay, and my mother may not want to do the attractions, does she still have to pay for an all day pass?
5. Finally, anyone on the forum that has stayed at the Breakers Express wishes to share what the hotel is like since this is my first time staying there?

I can help with a few:

1. A pool that whirls :)

Really, it's actually what it sounds like.

2. Pretty close.

3. You have to walk. I never have a problem with this, but everyone's different.
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1)Whirlpool is another name for hot tub. 4)You pay for admission, not for what rides or attractions you experience/ride, so I would imagine she would pay the standard junior/senior rate if that's what they do at Castaway Bay. 5)Breakers Express is a decent modern budget hotel. You might experience some hallway noise with all the families running around. I've never used the pool at the hotel because in the evening when everyone leaves Cedar Point they go back to the BE pool. That patio gets crazy crowded.

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