Beware: Early Ride Closings No Joke!

Top Thrill 182 said:

…but I think the park needs to do a better job of preserving an acceptable experience on those days for the many casual guests who expect to have fun whenever they visit the park.

Again, back to missing the Matt Ouimet era. Gone are the slogans of “Best Day Ever” or “A Place Like No Other”. Now it’s just “$99! $99! $99!”. It reminds me of when WWE was really pushing their streaming network for $9.99/month. Every other word out of the announcers’ mouths was $9.99. They’ve lost sight of doing things because it mattered to the guest and as a result they would earn their money; now it’s just cut costs wherever possible and sell the bargain price point.


TwistedWicker77 said:

During Halloweekends, you really are working with a skeleton crew. That means picking up the slack that other departments lack regarding staffing such as emptying trash cans in your queues (at least that’s how it was the last time I worked there).

Even that has changed since then, I believe it was 2018 that we were responsible for queue and platform trash cans all season, and there was a lot of drama over it

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