Beware: Early Ride Closings No Joke!

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I posted in trip Q&A but I don't know how often people actually look there how do we cancel reservations? I have them for Sunday and now we can't go and I hate to suck up spots someone else could be using. I followed the link for managing reservations and I must be missing something because I don't see any obvious way to cancel. I have to be overlooking something.

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No your not missing anything. It only appears you can change it, not cancel (even though it says on the previous page use this to cancel). I read there is a roundabout way if you select print and deregister the tickets you can de-facto cancel, but it appears it only works in very specific instances.

I would think after a year Accesso would have figured out how to code a cancel button.

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I had my son look and he didn't figure it out either so at least I know it's not me. It's for a day that's grayed out too sad that I can't let someone else have those spots especially after the train wreck today has been and it will probably be cruddy tomorrow too.

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It seems like we always have at least one bad weather day over Memorial Day weekend.
Not sure why they don't move Bike Week to later in the year.

They actually tried doing that with the Memorial (golf) Tournament. It didn't help; we just get rain a week later.

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Going into today I had three reservations on my pass.

I deleted my reservation for today on the mobile app and was able to add a reservation for Sunday.

It took 20 minutes or so to see there was a slot available for Sunday, but I got one eventually.

How were you able to delete your reservation in the app? Our reservations don’t show in the app, in addition there seems to be an awful lot of people who have tried and can’t find an option to cancel.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you did in fact figure out how to do that can you share what steps you took to do so? Would be helpful to those of us who haven’t figured it out.

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I read on a facebook group that you can "delete ticket" within the app but it didn't work for me. The reservation still shows up. I just sent a message through the contact us form that i can no longer use the reservation and would like to just free the spaces for someone else to attend the park. Might not do any good but at least I tried.

Any comments on the end of day/closing time for ride entrance closing times for the Memorial Day weekend ?

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You're going to complain to Guest Services about a policy change they made and announced months prior, before you made your plans? Classy.


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You're going to complain to Guest Services about a policy change they made and announced months prior, before you made your plans? Classy.

Platinum Level Karen unlocked. lol

Also, my job hires through temp agencies for some roles and it's not all that easy or cost effective. I had 3 roles available we wanted to hire a temp for on a 6 month contract, I had around 15 interviews set up through the temp agency and only actually spoke with 3 people. The other 12 or so never answered or return my calls. Also, if Point is advertising $20/hr they would be paying anywhere between $30-40/hr if not more for a temp per temp. Temp agency needs to get their cut too. Still need to go through an interviewing and hiring process. And it still comes down to the fact that the Sandusky area in general isn't this huge populated city center like Cincinnati/Cleveland or Toledo is.

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You're going to complain to Guest Services about a policy change they made and announced months prior, before you made your plans? Classy.

FYI, didn’t start “planning” u til a week ago.

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Right, nearly 3 months after they made the change in policy. And yet you're still agreeing to the transaction under these circumstances, but will complain if they do exactly what they told you they were going to do?

Vendor: Welcome to BurgerTown, how can I help you today?
Customer: One cheeseburger please.
Vendor: Apologies, we're out of cheese. Would you like a hamburger instead?
Customer: Oh, bummer. Sure, I'll have a hamburger instead.
Vendor: Here's your hamburger.
Customer: What the hell is this?!? Where's the cheeseburger I ordered?!? I demand to speak to a manager!!!


There's a deleted post somewhere up there I wish I could read

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It was Jake10 stating that if the ride closing policy CP announced in March is still in place during his late June visit, he will whine to Guest Services.

Now, to be clear, the ride closing policy absolutely sucks, but two things. First, the park isn't doing it because they want to, they're doing because of the incredibly difficult labor market. Second, and most importantly, when you agree to a transaction, and the terms of the transaction are fulfilled, you don't get to complain about it.


What is the issue with saying something to guest services about something that you do not like, even if you knew about it before you went, as long as you do it in a civilized manner?

I agree with that wholeheartedly because enough people complaining is how (hopefully) things get changed. But I saw the deleted post that Brandon is referencing and I didn't get the impression the complaint would've been in a civilized manner.

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Exactly. And why not simply contact the park right now and voice one's displeasure with the policy? Or voice your displeasure in a way that truly matters to the park - by not giving them your money.

In any case, keep in mind that this is not a policy the park came up with because they wanted to. Without international workers and fewer locals wanting to work there, they're in a tough spot.


I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to convey everything that’s on my mind, but I’ll try. And you’re all invited to pay attention to your old dad here.
First of all, everyone needs to calm down and put this subject into perspective. And I’m not talking strictly about the users of this forum and their feelings about Cedar Point, but about enthusiasts everywhere.
We’ve all followed the story since the late winter of 2020. Over at CoasterBuzz there’s a thread entitled “Shanghai Disneyland will close in effort to contain coronavirus”. It started on January 24, 2020, and is currently still quite active at 220 pages. Other subjects have made the rounds as well. This terrible scourge has not only affected our park but every single amusement-related business in the world. And fans of Disney, Busch Gardens, Hersheypark, Knoebels, Scottish Funfairs, and every single California park are having just as intense of a discussion about the places they love. Much of the conversation initially centered around when the parks would return to “normal”. It’s almost embarrassing to look back on now, as the two year mark is approaching and “normal” is not only nowhere close, but may never actually return. Now the conversation revolves mainly around complaints and misgivings.
I’m sorry for all of you who are inconvenienced by this amusement park’s inability to come up to standard. But it’s not like the entire world isn’t running at a substandard level. Have you tried to buy a car? Rent a car? Order furniture? Get a new refrigerator? Or electronics? What we’re doing here is a hobby- not a life sustaining necessity.
I’m the first who would like to breathe a happy sigh of relief that life as we know it is taking a positive turn. But I check myself knowing that there are many, many people (some close to me) who are still reeling from the loss of a loved one, maybe two. There are still business owners who, if they haven’t already closed for good, are still struggling to find a staff and make ends meet. There are still mayors and governors and health officials who are trying to make decisions that satisfy everyone and everything including the science behind this pandemic. There are health care workers and first responders who are still working their asses off while putting their own lives in the line.
And look, everyone. I get it. I’m also disappointed that Cedar Point is having a rough go of it- no one loves it more than me. I’m also concerned that I have money invested in a Platinum Pass that I used twice last season with less that satisfactory results. But not that concerned. Will I go to CP or KI this summer? Maybe. I mean I can... I’m vaxed. I can afford the gas. Does it seem like a good time is waiting for me there? Not really. But if I do go I won’t storm to the office because someone was seated on a ride ahead of me. Or that every shutter wasn’t open. Or that the company decided to do what they had to to let an already abused and exhausted staff off duty as scheduled. Or that I tried to call and got a busy signal for days at a time. (You know those phones are off the hook, right? It’s like a pizza place on Saturday night- I can hardly blame them) Yup, all those things suck, no doubt. But I’m of the mind that with these matters (and others) I should be realistic about expectations and hope and pray that things will be better and even closer to normal next year. Because you know there’s a possibility that they won’t be, right?
We should try to be as happy as we possibly can in light and in spite of it all. Especially about this hobby of ours.

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^A lot of great points there.

If there is one thing I'll add, I'm kind of okay with this policy. If I was a guest, I might have bitched about the policy. One last night ride on Steel Vengeance is what I need for the night, then I can go home happy. However, now that I'm working at the park, I can understand wanting to clock off as early as possible. However, even as a guest I sometimes found myself wishing a policy like this was in place on days when there was passholder ERT night so that way we could ride sooner. IIRC, sometimes you'd have to wait a full hour after the park closed. I live only thirty minutes away, but God help those that live an hour or more away.

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