Best day to go this weekend?

A couple friends and I are planning on going to the Point this weekend. We havent been to Cedar Point in years and I was wondering what day crowd wise is better? Saturday or Sunday? Weather permitting i prefer saturday because it looks like a warm one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sunday. Definitely.

Absolutely Sunday -- Saturdays during Halloweekends are the absolutely busiest days of the entire year at CP

The correct answer is Friday, because you basing your initial requirements on the best "crowd day" is impeding your actual question, which is "what is the best day to go?"

* All haunts are open
* Every ride is mostly walk-on
* You get 6(7) hours instead of 8(9) compared to Sunday, but they are more efficient hours
* You get 4 hours of total darkness instead of zero compared to Sunday

When you post that "Friday is not an option," reconsider your options. If you still insist that Friday is not possible because you have no control over your life, the correct answer is actually Saturday, because you get 13(14) hours of physically being there, and after 10pm or so, everything usually becomes walk-on.

Fridays are great if the only reason you are going is to ride coasters and the haunted houses....

Otherwise, most of the flats are closed on Fridays...almost all food stands except for the larger centrally located ones are closed...the train nor skyride run on Friday nights...and the entire park runs on a skeletal crew.

I agree that it IS the best night if all you want to do is ride coasters. The closer you get to Halloween, though, this no longer holds -- friday nights can be a nightmare, just like Saturdays, at least based on the last two years.

Keep in mind, when you go on Friday night, you are not getting all park amenities and rides nor ride transportation.

Sunday is the best day to go in the weekend but in the summer if you go on a Tuesday it'll be the least crowded.

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