Belt loop camera cases ok on ride?

Hey guys.
So it's been 3 years!
(I know!)
Since we've went down to Cedar Point.
Anyways, I'm assuming these are ok still, but I want to make sure beforehand because I'm planning on tossing my phone and cash, ect. in one.

It's just a little sony camera case that has the belt loophole on the back so no chance of losing it.

I don't see it being a problem, however, I still wouldn't risk riding with it on rides that provide bins in the station.

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My wife wears our little camera case as a mini fanny pack. Never had a problem with taking it on any rides!

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Thanks guys.
That was pretty much my intention JW, it's just been a while since we've gone and I didn't know if anything had changed.

I wanted the most padded thing I could find to keep my phone in.

Nothing has really changed in several years -- you'll have no problem

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