August 31- last opening week day of the season

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Just got back from a fun afternoon/evening at CP! Took my son after school today and everything was almost a walk on. Just a few things we noticed today:

- Slid into VIP parking by Soak City. The gate was up and saw several others parking there. I asked about it and someone told me the gate had been up for 2 days so we parked there and it was nice at the end of the night to be so close.

- It looked like they were shooting some sort of commercial or video footage at the Peanuts show by Woodstock Express. It was pretty cool to see all of the equipment and workers, and having the show audience do "takes"

- Many foreign workers which is great to see, but at the same time very difficult to understand the safety announcements

- Several sideshow type boxes that I don't remember seeing last time for Halloweeekends, curious what these will be

- Bees! Forgot that this time of year brings bees, wonder how many stings first aid has to tend to :(

- Mostly Michigan and Canada guests- I'm assuming they go back to school after labor day

- Super fun and engaging Mine Ride Crew!

Rides hit from 4-8 pm- such an awesome night at the park, weather and crowd wise!

Tilt a Whirl
Mine Ride
Cadillac Cars
Wave Swinger
Millennium Force
Iron Dragon
Millennium Force

Was there yesterday,the 31st,got there at 4pm. Decent sized crowd but short lines. After doing GateKeeper,had to go back to car to get a jacket. Then did Valravn,Rougarou,MF,and TTD. Didn't go towards back of park past MF or TTD. Talked to a lot of people,mostly from Michigan,good to see them there as it justifies CP keeping the park open weekdays during the last two weeks in August. Never made it back to Maverick. Left at 6:30pm.

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shamrockcb said:

- Many foreign workers which is great to see, but at the same time very difficult to understand the safety announcements

For me it is usually more of an issue with the sound systems that it is with the workers' accents.

I went over last night with the family mainly just to take advantage of the free meal one last time during a [summer??] weekday after work. This felt more like a day in late October rather than August! But it was a nice evening regardless. I think the best temperature to enjoy CP is in that shorts and sweatshirt weather range.

Dinner at Johnny Rockets went well - no wait for a table. We had a walk on ride at Iron Dragon and a 20 minute wait for Maverick.

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Yea. I can't understand anybody. No matter what the accent through some of the sound systems. No need to bash international workers.

Enjoying the Ohio park on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie since the mid-1970s!

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On the contrary, I love seeing all of the international workers and thought it was cool that someone from Poland was working for Millenium Force. My son and I enjoyed looking at name tags to see where everyone was from. I do agree that it's difficult to hear through the sound systems, this just made it even more complex.

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We had fun looking at all of the name tags to see where everyone was from too. Had a nice conversation with a woman from Romania who waited on us twice at Melt.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

Agreed. We really like seeing where the employees are from, or what college they go to. We had a great conversation with a bartender in the swim up bar at CP Shores, but damn I forget where he was from. I think Poland?

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