August 20th and 21st 2017

This was our first visit in 3 years. We arrived at the Breakers at 8.30, and secured our Ride and Slide passes for Sunday. The hotel would text us when the room was ready ( and did at 2.37 PM, perfect!).

We were in the gates at 9.05 AM, and went straight to the Maverick, which was a walk on from the resort entrance. The ride op was very good, as she specifically pointed out to secure loose item, as it would be 11.30PM before you could attempt to recover them. Sure enough, the lost and found board was out as we got back in line for a second ride. 2 rides down, 9.30 AM!

Off to the front, and a stop at the MF test seat. I am 5'10" and 270, 44 inch waist. The test seat person didn't seem to give it the best effore, but my wife said it was 2 inches short, even with the thin shorts. More reason to diet for next year. Off we went to Valravn, and decided the 1.25 hour wait was too much as we were there again Monday.

We proceded to Gatekeeper, where my 13 y/o who promised to ride balked again, so he say it out as the 3 of us rode 3 times because it was a walk on. We took the Skyride back towards the resort entrance and it was off to Cedar Point Shores for our first non stormy visit (after some Power Tower and Iron Dragon action)!

After a quick change in the hotel, we entered the water park about 1.30PM. Oh my. It took us 45 minutes just to find one unused chair. Once that was done, the crew was hungry, and 30 minutes later we had food. We finally got in line at 2.45 for a family water slide called Storm Surge. The wait was half an hour, and was not fun because of a line jumping incident. I have been coming to CP for 40 years, and have NEVER seen this before. Disney is crazy with line jumping, but CP has always had great guests. We went down the hill half an hour later, and man is that a great ride. As time was flying, we all split up to do our thing. My wife sunbathed, 13 y/o Runaway Rapids lazy river, 12 y/o Portside Plunge and me Point Plummet. After that is was time to go, and the room was ready.

We had a 4th floor lakeside rotunda room, which was very spacious, clean and nice. Too nice of a room to spend so little time in! Dinner at TGIF (3.5 starts out or 5) and back to the park, where 4-5 rides on Gemini, kids 2-3 on Mine Ride, Cadillac Cars, Skyhawk, and Rougarou. 12y/o saw lightning, and off we went at 10PM. Strange that all rides were going including TTD with visible lightning. We beat a fairly heavy rain storm by minutes.

Monday, August 21st

We had free My Coke Rewards tickets from the kids always punching in Coke codes, so we just needed an early entry card and we were off to Valravn. 12 y/o and I were to only ones to go, and what a ride it was! Off to GK again, this time my 13 y/o joined us, and of course it's "the best ride ever" now. We all rode it 3 times, and the kids again once before the wait went up. Off to the Raptor and new double buckle seat for me, and I got to ride for the first time in 5-6 year. Very strange flashbacks form 20 years ago waiting in that line, as it was a solid half an hour on a late August Monday.

Lunch was at Melt, and I'd advise sharing sandwich, as they are HUGE, and not meant for roller coaster folks if you eat one solo. Great beer selection and great food! Headed back slowly and rode ID and PT. Kids rode Pipescream with 3 other guests, and then we enjoyed the Gemini under the eclipse several times. Started towards Maverick, and were distracted by the 3 point shooting booth, where the ref handed my 12 y/o a brick prize. It turns out, there was a nice man shooting and giving away his prizes to kids who passed by! We also got a Houston Rockets ball!

Maverick again, then Rougarou for me and the 12 y/o 3 times in 20 minutes (how is this a walk on??? awesome ride) and Iron Dragon for the 13y/o. Did some shopping including the obligatory "I Survived Gatekeeper" shirt for 13 y/o, and back to GK for one last ride.

We departed with heavy hearts at 6 PM for 6 hour ride home. Great trip!

Notes - Strange that Thunder Canyon was shut down Sunday??? Any thoughts? It was open Monday.

I couldn't fit on MF or TTD, but everything else was fine, including Raptor for the first time in 5-6 years! I did NOT try WT as that has been a no go for years.

I know it's hard to police a park this size, especially with limited staff, but there were many smokers, including vaping in line queues and not so discreet smokers right on the Midway.

We asked my Blue train was not going on Gemini, and it was because it doesn't run at 8PM shutdown days

The crown calendar was off that I used, as I'd say Sunday was busy, and Monday was medium busy, and not a "ghost town". I still got in 25+ rides, and even turned down a couple of walk ons.

This was our first visit not staying at least 2 days and normally 3, and I will go back to that as the drive back was torture and not enough park time.

I cannot thank the man enough who was shooting the 3 pointers back by Maverick, it made my kids day! Anyone know who he is?

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