are sunday's typically slower?

we have friends coming in from north dakota and the only day we can go is sunday june 9th.

Slower than Saturdays, but still the second busiest day in the park. IMO.

Sundays during Halloweekends, however, are DEAD!

The Sunday before schools let out in Ohio is THE day to go, IMO. I went this year June 2nd and it was the best trip I've ever had to Cedar Point in 20+ years of going there. Weather was beautiful (right around 70 degrees) and we waited 20-30 minutes for MF, GateKeeper, all the main rides. Going to try and target that Sunday every year from now on.

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June 9th should be a good day to go. Momentum picks up as you get further into summer.

Jayme Sandusky, OH

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