Anyone at the park today?

What was the weather like? It was pushing 90°, bright sun, and ridiculously HUMID the day I mentioned at SeaBreeze. It was not very pleasant. Humidity is the killer for me.


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Let’s just say there was just enough breeze on the beach under an umbrella to be tolerable. Lol. When the sun pops out here soon it is going to be a sauna.

Edit: fortunate cloud cover until about 5 so not that hot here. Short lines, 15 minute Valravn. Haven’t seen that all season.

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I’m going to try and go tomorrow. Forecast is 80’s and part clouds. So we’ll see. It will be my first visit of the season, probably the last.

Was at the park yesterday 8/26/2021 and wow is all I can say. Was not busy at all and had a great day! Longest wait was Valravn at 30 min. Everything else was 15 min tops or walk on. Love it when I hit the park on a day like that!!

^I was in the park yesterday as well, waited 1hr for Steel Vengeance, 30min for Maverick and everything else was less than 15min! Despite the heat and humidity, it was a great day to be there

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Late August is the new late May.

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We went over this evening at about 7:30 and it was mostly walk ons for everything we saw. Daughter and I decided to get one last ride in on Wicked Twister. We waited 10 minutes for a front row ride. I think Millennium was posted as a 30 minute wait - which we skipped because our daughter had not eaten dinner yet and was getting pretty hungry by that time. We had two back to back walkons for Raptor last row and front row <5 minutes for each one. We then got a 10:00 ride on Maverick with about a 3 minute wait to get into the station and about 10 minute wait for a front row. It was nice to be back in the park after dark with the 10:00 closing time. Still hot and humid, but not unbearable. We left from the Magnum gate and walked the boardwalk out to the front parking lot. The beach was hopping and the boardwalk was quite full. More people traffic jams out there than we experienced anywhere inside the park all evening.

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My sister and I went to Cedar Point last night, got there about 6:30 and stayed till close.

Had a great time, rode everything we wanted to, but OMG was it HOT! And MUGGY! I felt like I was melting the whole time. It was more tolerable once the sun went down, but even when we left at about 10:30 it was uncomfortable.

HUGE kudos to Cedar Point staff who never failed to be courteous, efficient, and professional. The ride operators had to be dying after being outside in that heat and humidity all day but they did their job and didn't even look miserable!

Had strawberry shakes at Coasters Drive In that were very tasty and the AC was much appreciated! Overall had a great day and will probably go back for another day when the weather is more, you know, breathable.

One note: this was the first time in a long time I've been at the park at night, and I was surprised at how DARK some areas of the park are, especially in Frontier Town. There were no lights in the streets at all, although I saw some streetlamps that were for some reason not turned on. There were stretches where we were walking in pitch darkness, which I'm sure isn't really safe. Anybody else notice that?

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We were in the park today and noticed the big Snoopy Bounce House was gone. Any ideas or info as to where it went or floated off to?

The first thing that comes to mind as far as Frontier Town being dark is that maybe they are getting ready for Halloweekends?

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The Snoopy bounce house has been gone for a long time. I don't think it was there last year either. I'm guessing the pandemic brought that to an end. Even without a virus going around, those bounce houses are probably breeding grounds for germs.

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I experienced my first ever re-rides at the Point Tuesday!

After seeing how dead the park was on Monday, I quickly arranged a visit on Tuesday from 3 to 8pm, and it paid off.

Most rides outside the remaining three of the “big four” were walk-ons. I was allowed re-rides on Raptor and Power Tower after arriving back to the station to find no one waiting for my row/seat. I never thought I’d see the day! I could’ve requested re-rides elsewhere, too, but I was often too afraid to ask (I’ve always thought CP doesn’t technically allow them).

Although they had small standby lines, my FLP allowed me to walk on SV and Maverick, too. I like SV’s new line management in that regard.

I was pleasantly surprised by a three train station wait at MF (even with the ride only running two trains, which does seem to slow things down a lot) but a lengthy “protein spill” cleanup made the wait about 15 minutes, the longest of the day.

I also rode Snake River Expedition for the first time today. I think it’s fine, but it’s one ride I had no desire to re-ride.

Finally, I got another three goodbye rides on WT, one in the front and two in the back. Those were the only rows with people in them for most of the day.

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0g said:

The first thing that comes to mind as far as Frontier Town being dark is that maybe they are getting ready for Halloweekends?

Maybe, but it was so dark you couldn't see where you were going. There were no lights at all in the street - the only light was coming from the stores and lighting from the buildings on the sides. If there was something on the pavement I would have tripped over it.

Anyone there today? Is a lot closed? Waves on the lake look pretty big! Looks windy.

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I’m here, and it IS windy !

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Nice mellow day in the park, I overheard one of the ops guys saying 10,200 guests in the park today.

I checked yesterday and today, and the Sky Ride wasn't running. I guess it's done for the year?

.. or maybe the wind out on the Point is a little too much?

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Does anyone know if they started de-construction on Wicked Twister?

It is a bit breezy today, so that’s probably what’s happening with sky ride.

There doesn’t appear to be anything obvious happening with twister. The train is parked in the station.

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