Any tips or tricks to get a room in the Tower?

I wanted to know if anyone has had success getting a room in the tower? When you make a reservation it states the many "possibilities" for a room. Stayed in the old section years ago and don't want that experience again. It is my son's 16th birthday and I want to have something special for him.
Any tips?

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The old section is considerably cheaper than the tower/east sections. If you are getting a 2 queen bed room in the tower/east section, request a tower room while on the phone! Request 9th floor room, either 9215 9217 9219 9221 9223....those all face towards Millennium Force! Great view of of the park! The suites have the lake views.

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Are you saying purchase a general room (with 2 queens) at lower price, but call on phone to request room in tower?

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No.... 2 queen bed rooms and suites are located in either the tower or east section of the hotel. My suggestion was to request being in the tower section rather than the east section. Both are the "newer" sections of the hotel. I just listed 5 room numbers in the tower so you have a good view. You can request a specific room, but they dont guarantee it.

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We were in the tower last summer, and had booked a 2 Queen beds room. I think noting a request (as said above also) is the best way to get what you want. We had a view of the roller coasters and it was great. I didn't miss the balcony at all!

What a great 16th birthday present. Enjoy your trip!

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