Any CP hotel WITHOUT a package?

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Hi there, just interested in the cheapest option for booking a room on CP property. I can't seem to find any online rates that include just the room (all have ticket packages or dairy queen packages :( Does anyone know if they have "room only" rates?

Thanks in advance!!

Did you look directly on CP's website? They will give you room rates only and some have ticket or meal packages too.

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Yes I did look there....
I ended up finding a pretty cheap deal at Maui Sands, hopefully it's not a dump after being closed for a few years!

The cheapest rooms at Breakers are the doubles non view. You can book those without a package. If you do want to stay onsite, I'm sure a phone call can get it done.

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Every single reservation has a room-only rate. Its the first item listed in the menu when you select your room style. Then they follow with packages. Easy to overlook though on some of the room types.

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