Amidst stories of under-staffing and inclement weather - we had a great time on Sunday October 15, 2017

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Being a first time pass holder and having had a 25 year theme-park hiatus, I wanted to discover first hand why people felt so much enthusiasm for Halloweekends. And, yesterday being the only day we could take the family to Halloweekends, we made a last-minute decision to jump on the Ohio turnpike and check it out: Here are a couple of my statements and observations:

(1) Kudos should be given to the employees working at the Bayou Refreshment stand around 5:00pm last night. The cold front had already passed, much of the crowds had worked their way to the back of the park, and ice cream didn't seem like the treat du jour. But, we seemingly failed to get a funnel cake during each of our previous visits and wanting to indulge in an end-of-the-year treat we walked to the front of the park specifically to get a funnel cake and ice cream! When we arrived we were met by some of the most cheerful and good willed employees we've seen in a long time. In an apparent positive-feedback loop of enthusiasm between the staff and my 4 and 6 year old daughters, we ended up with the biggest most decadent funnel cake imaginable; a cake we devoured without shame!

(2) Haunted houses do not appeal to me. But my four year old wanted to see an "adult haunted house." So, when we noticed that there was no line to Hexed we asked the woman at the gate, if it was possible for my wife and I to walk my daughters through without having anyone jump out at us. The woman at the gate went one step further and actually lead our group through the house repeatedly asking all the actors in the house to not scare us. In so doing, every monster stopped screaming, said hello to my young daughters with a smile, and gave high fives; an experience my daughters could not stop talking about the rest of the night!

(3) I certainly do not have as much experience riding roller coasters as the majority of people on this forum. However, I can make the dubious claim that I am one of the few people who, after having a fast-lane plus armband (received because we renewed our platinum passes) used it only once, on blue streak, to bypass a ten minute queue! Cest la vie.

(4) Even with two young daughters, I forget how the smallest things are usually those that leave the most lasting impressions. During breakfast this morning I asked my daughters to explain their favorite parts of our trip to Cedar Point. The six year old said her favorite part was the eight-stage trick-or-treat stations set up throughout the Kiddie Kingdom Area whereas the four year old loved the scavenger hunt in Camp Snoopy.

(5) Having many of the rides closed due to weather and/or staffing allowed us an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the day.

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Agreed. The kid stuff gor Halloweekends is pretty great. My 6 year old and almost 10 year old loved Hexed, Boo Hill , bubble pit and the other kids attractions. Lots of fun stuff.

This was my first experience with CP Halloweekends, and while this past Saturday was absolutely insane people wise, I have a 2 year old so most of my time is spent in Kiddie Kingdom/Planet Snoopy. I have to say that she really enjoyed all the additions that came out at this time of year. Especially the foam pit and, surprisingly, the singing skeleton in front of Sky Ride. We have our boat at the Marina and walked by this display every time we would enter, and every time she would make me stop and watch him for a bit. Already renewed for next year so will be enjoying more time at CP through a toddlers eyes.

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this is great! My evaluation of CP has also changed now that I see it through the eyes of my daughter. The dynamic of what constitutes a "meaningful" or "good day" at the park has definitely changed. (And the foam pit is a definite crowd please!)

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Side note about the foam pit: Sunday the winds were a whippin'.. We watched with huge laughter as the entirety of the foam pit lifted up and motivated down the midway on a pillow of winds...

Foaming unsuspecting guests along the way before it turned Northwest towards Windsor Canada.

Foam, on patrol...

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Hey, I'm shocked I didn't see you there, haha I was there all weekend.

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