After a closer look, what do you think?

I have to shadow someone for my school science scholars. I want to shadow someone at CP, hopefully related to Millenium Force, because I want to design coasters when I get older. I'm totally serious about this. Anyways, do you think if I shadowed at the "right" time, I would have chance to get an early ride on it??? Probably not, oh well. I don't care, jus wondering. Wow, that MF section you put up is great Jeff. Reading it makes me wish it was may, even more.
Aaron Clark
I'm thinking about becoming a roller coaster engineer too.
I'm not thinking about it, I know that's what I want to do. I've already build a working model coaster, and I'm going to build a new one this winter that has inversions. I'm also signing up for all the CAD and engineering classes I can. Then I want to get an internship at CCI, down in Cincinatti, and go to College down there because people have said what great engineering classes they have down there. Genius, maybe we'll be competing against each other some day. Oh well, somebody's going to have to build them in the future, and the current ones aren't going to be around forever.
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