After a closer look, what do you think?

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Well, by now you've seen the photos from me or Dan from our field trip last Friday. So the question is (perhaps a silly one for the usual people in this forum), what do you think? Will this coaster live up to the hype?

I think MF will be worth every dime of that $27 million. :)
I like the pictures. Jeff did you and Dan walk
up the Magnum lift hill for the pictures of the
entire Soak City parking lot with the MF track.
Also how were you guys able to get a a tour of the
construction site.
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(You don't have to push enter after each line.)

The high pics are from that water slide with the big rafts.

We got a tour because we met with one of the public relations representatives.
Wow Jeff, I am really impressed with all those pictures!

I have a question for you: On the current MF webcam pics, and in your pictures, about how high is the lifthill? I can't imagine it will get higher than that, but without anything else around it to compare it to, I'm not really sure.

Keep up the great work on this great site!

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When we were there Friday, they told us about 150 feet with the section they added earlier that day. Now it's closer to 200.

It's my understanding that they'll be getting a wide-angle lens for the Webcam, so you'll be able to see the whole thing top-to-bottom. As far away as the camera is, it's hard to believe that it can't get the whole scene!
All I can say over and over is OMG!!!!! My husband is more excited about this new coaster than anyone can, I think he is more excited over this then he was the birth of our children!! I am becoming more and more hesitant to ride this due to the height factor! I hope I can build up some confidence over the winter! I love coasters, but the height of this one makes me wonder just how much!! :) Thanks for the pics guys!!
Well Jeff I must certainly say that this is going to be well worth the money! Just looking at the shear size of the thing makes it look hellacious! I'll be going up to the Point probably around mid june. So until then I just gotta get all I can!

Is the webcam on top of the Cedars Employee Hotel? That is where I think that it is in relation to the picture angle. I hope that, if i don't come back to work this season at the 'Point, that I can make a trip to ride this thing. It looks awesome!!
When I was still there the web cam was on a buoy or something out in the water facing in towards the construction area and the Candy Factory. *** This post was edit by ZONE THIRTYFOUR on 11/25/99. ***
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The camera is on a tower near one of the marina buildings, relatively far away from Cedars.
Well no one else said it so...
...I would rather ride jr. Gemini than some 300 foot tall garbage that you know will just sink into the ground and most likely bring the hole (pun Int.) park with it come opening day! For god sakes look how close it is to the water!

Yes I did think it was a little silly. In other words not even Bill Gates would waste that much money. I probably would, but then again thats why I don't have anywhere near that much money. lol
Is it May yet?
I think it will be a great, great coaster but I don't think it is necessarily the slam dunk that a lot of other people do. I remember watching construction pictures of another astounding coaster being assembled. It had an incredible design, big, world record statistics and came from the designer and builder a recently completed masterpiece. Then Mean Streak opened and that was that.
MF could end up being the best coaster in the world. I am just saying that a lot of big numbers don't guarantee it.
I guess you can never tell how good a coaster is until it is built and running. What if when its built it turns out to be the roughest coaster ever? Im 99.9% sure that this wont happen, but I guess you never know until its built.
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Werner Stengle designer + Intamin engineering = the new champ of hyper coasters!
Will you be allowed more field trips after it's finished??? And will Cedar Point keep the webcam alive for next season???
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I can't speak for CP marketing, so all I can really say is that if they want us to come back, they'll call us.

I suspect that the camera might not be up when they start to test the ride. That's just a guess.

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No big deal. We all will rush over there with chairs and popcorn if the webcam goes out in Feb. hehe. Sit right where that ware house used to be. What do ya guys say?

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Jeff, your description of this ride is awsome. It makes me even more excited to ride it. One thing that excites me is the steepness of the ascents that you are talking about. I think that coming down that 300 ft drop and then turning and almost straight back up and almost upside down with only a lapbar will be incredible!
You really don't get a true feeling for the steepness until A. you have seen the complete POV. B. you actually see the site. The comparison on how close the footers are to the structure that is already up is amaazing.

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Is it May yet?

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