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What are your thoughts on the after 4pm ticket? Do the crowds thin out after 4pm? I was thinking of going after 4pm on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Thanks.

In general, yes - crowds do get thinner later in the day, especially during the week. It really can be hit and miss, and will also depend on what the weather is like. If the early day is very hot/humid it seems to me that the crowd levels get much lighter a tad earlier in the evening.

The best evening to go would be a day where it rains a bit in the morning or early afternoon. I love it when I have some time to head out to CP after early afternoon rain. Earlier this year I think it was a Wednesday evening we went after several hours of rain. MF was 10 minutes, Magnum was a complete walk on, Maverick was about 10 minutes. An evening like that in July is rare but they do happen.

Good luck, and hope you have a good visit to CP!

The Kings Island PR guy- Don posted on Twitter everything he did with the after 4 ticket on a weekday at Kings Island. I think he was able to do over 10 rides, 3 shows, dinner, and shopping. It was fun to see his tweets and how much you could really fit in during an evening at the park. Hope it works out well at CP for you. Let us know how it goes!

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He did also go on a pretty slow day..but that's none of my business :)

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