Advice on Breakers/CP Aug 27th - 31

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I've been to CP! I'm currently looking into a trip Aug 27th to Aug 31 and staying at Hotel Breakers. It looks like CP is offering a "Last Blast of Summer" deal - that should be a good sign that they're expecting crowds to be low, right? Fast Pass is in the budget, but it's always nice to save some cash and I'm not familiar with the deal they're offering. Has anyone else visited at a similar time last year that could tell how their experience went? I'm assuming some food stands and one side of Gemini will be closed due to lack of help around the park.

Since I'd get in Saturday the 31st afternoon, I'd go to the park Sun, Mon, Tues and head out Weds so the idea of doing something non park related Sat night pointed to Put In Bay. During that weekend, the ferry doesn't run from CP anymore. Anyone taken the ferry from Sandusky to PIB? Looks like it's a 45 min ride and 20 buck one way. Is it worth it to check it out or is 50 bucks Thirsty Pony more fun? ;) I'd like to see PIB but it looks like an expensive hassle to check out.


F1rePhant0m -

This isn't an answer, but a suggestion. We are thinking of also heading out to Put-In-Bay one of the days we are going to be at Cedar Point next week. Unless I'm wrong, I believe there is a ferry that runs pretty much all day back and forth from Port Clinton, OH to Put-In-Bay that only costs 7 dollars each way. It's also supposedly only a 25 minute run. It's called Miller's Ferry. Looks like Cedar Point to Port Clinton is roughly 30 minutes, and there's free parking at the ferry dock.

And yeah, I think I've heard that late August is a pretty good time to go to CP if you are looking for smaller crowds.

Palmetto -

Answer/Suggestions, it's all good. Thanks for the reply! I might look into the other docks, but honestly I wanted to try to make the trek without a car since I heard PIB is known for the rowdy bars and such. That's up my alley, and neither my friends nor I would want to be driving to accomplish this trip. Looks like I might have to try in the summer! Or look into Uber or something. Seems like it's going to be a ton of work to make it happen.

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The Ferry does leave and return to Cedar Point marina daily now. You have to refer to Jet Express website for times and charges.

codeGR -

According to the schedule, the ferry doesn't run during this time.

Palmetto -

Yep, that's what I'm seeing too. I'm missing it by a week. But anyway, the CP ferry only had two times running and you'd pretty much have to be at PIB from 11am-7pm. Seems like I'll have to drive and take a longer ride to get out there at this time of the summer, so I think I'm going to scrap the idea. 50 extra bucks at Thirsty Pony sounds like just as much fun anyways! Thanks for the insight.

kjettski -

Don't eat at the Thirsty Pony. Bad service and cold food..... Go to McDonald's....

djDaemon -

We've been to Thirsty Pony countless times, and while service can be hit or miss (though not terrible considering how crazy busy that place gets), the food has always been pretty good, especially for the money. It's a way, way better value than McDonald's. And the drinks are on point.

Palmetto -

Honestly I only eat fast food on road trips and when I do, it's Wendy's. Sorry you had a bad experience at Thirsty Pony but you're in the minority. Can't wait to visit TP again!

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