7/30/2022 - Celebrate Cedar Point Spectacular T shirts & Causeway backup

I went to Cedar Point yesterday and had a GREAT time! Except for two things:

I wanted one of the "Celebrate Cedar Point Spectacular" T shirts that they shoot into the crowd during the show and ALMOST got one, except some random guy walking through passed right in front of me and grabbed it instead. Sob!! Is there any way to purchase one? I like the design.

Also, made it to the Causeway at 4 p.m. and sat in traffic for an HOUR before getting parked. Why the backup? Turns out that despite a huge line of cars waiting to get into the park, they only had TWO toll booths open! WTH? They couldn't even open any of the self-serve lanes? Argh...

Other than that, no complaints! It was a beautiful day, lovely evening, all the rides were open and everything worked out. The new seating area where the antique cars used to be is really nice when you're enjoying a custard cone at twilight. :-)

For how busy it was yesterday, they most likely had 2 toll booths open to prevent an excess number of cars from entering the nearly full parking lot. A limited number of booths open would allow traffic guards to more efficiently direct traffic into the overflow lots. This helped you in the long run.

As for your other question about the shirt - I'm not sure. I would try Point Plaza (I think that is where all of the CP150 gear is located)

Thanks! I checked Point Plaza and didn't see any shirts that looked like the ones they were throwing out (white with a design on the front in blue and gold that says "Celebrate Cedar Point Spectacular") so my guess is they're not for sale. Maybe after the show wraps up they'll be available. If anybody has one they don't want, let me know!

Well, I tried to get a T shirt again last night and missed out. The Spectacular ends tonight so that was my last chance. :-(

So, again, if anybody has one of those Spectacular T shirts and doesn't want it, please let me know! I'll be happy to take it off your hands.

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